Never Mistake Christian Meekness for Weakness

Our Lord, the Second Person of the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity, tells us, in His scriptures, that the “meek shall inherit the Earth”, and though this idea many be wrongly perceived by many today as promoting human weakness and craven submissiveness, this is, in fact, completely wrong, for the Lord Himself, who inherits the Earth and all of creation from His Father, shows us what meekness means, and that meekness is not weakness, but rather it is serious strength wrapped in submissiveness to an appropriate and moral authority who is worthy of obedience, and indeed, we see this in Christ Himself who, though powerful enough to easily prevent His own death–in fact, powerful enough to utterly annihilate those wishing to destroy Him–nevertheless willing and freely withheld that strength from expression on Earth given that doing so was the desire of God the Father, and thus Christ was meek and submissive to the Father in order for the Father to be able to fulfill His will through Christ, but in no way was this meek Christ weak, and so it is for us, for we must be strong against the sins of men and yet meek, and thus submissive, to the will of God, and in doing so, we, the meek towards God, but not towards men, shall inherit the Earth; and note that if history is any guide, it certainly seems that Christ was correct, for the Christian faith has now touched all corners of the Earth and is the numerically strongest faith on this Earth, and furthermore today, in the parts of the world where Christians are meek towards God and faithful to Him–in places such as Africa and China–Christianity is growing and thus literally inheriting more and more of the Earth, but in places were Christian have been meek towards the rules of men and rebellious against the rules of God, they are arguable losing their Earthly inheritance, both demographically and culturally…which is what would be expected if the “meek are to inherit the Earth”.


Meek to God, not meek man


Is It Time for the West to Peacefully Fracture and Fragment?

In this current time and age, with its extreme divides in politics, cultural outlook, and civilizational desires, a question which we in the West can no longer avoid, and one which we thus must muse about seriously, is the question of whether or not it is time for Western Civilization, and the individual countries that make up that civilization, to consider dividing itself into essentially two separate and distinct entities, with one group espousing and maintaining views traditionally associated with orthodox Christian religion, conservatism, individualism, nationalism, and natural law morality (essentially, Christendom), and with the other group being composed of the secularists, leftists, collectivists, globalists, and moral relativists (essentially, the modern progressive welfare state), and the reason to suggest that such a separation is needed is due to the fact that when you have massive chunks of a population so divided about the most fundamental issues in existence–God, religion, morality, the concept of the human person, immigration and national identity, the right to life, sexual mores, and so on and so forth–then in one country, you actually no longer have a nation or a society or a culture, but rather you have numerous different “nations” and societies and cultures simply placed together on one land mass with borders around it, and as history can attest (with the former Yugoslavia being put one recent example), when tensions rise, these separate-but-in-one-country societies and cultural / ethnic groups, if not allowed to fracture peacefully, will do so by force, for force, in such a divided country, will be the only option left for one side or the other, for indeed, when a country is so divided concerning the most foundational issues, then the only way that one side or the other can achieve its aims against the other cultural group that totally opposes it is through the coercion and legal power of the state, which is what we are presently starting to see occur against Christians and conservatives, by leftist progressives, in the West today, and which is what we saw the reverse of only a few generations ago, and so indeed, the potential need to separate the West into a “progressive” area and a “conservative / traditionalist” one (to use these terms as commonly understood) may be the only way to avoid a fate that could potentially be much worse than mere separation; after all, just imagine that if any married couple were as divided about the most core cultural and social and moral issues as many countries in the West are divided today–and especially the United States–then such a couple would have been divorced long ago, and if they did not divorce peacefully, then the pressure and tension and hatred of one for the other would only grow, until such a time as arguably only force or the threat of force (or blackmail / intimidation) could cause one spouse to do what the other wanted, and also until either one spouse either became totally submissive or else the whole situation exploded, and this, I contend, might very well be what will happen to the West if the real possibly of amicable separation is not at least seriously considered in the future….let the progressives live among themselves and rule themselves as they like, and let the conservatives do the same, for, in the end, both groups would no doubt be happier with such an arrangement.

Disparate Jihadists and the Motivation of Islam

In the West one of the things that we hear about from many sides of the political spectrum when discussing the issue of ‘terror jihad’ that is presently emanating from numerous Muslims across the world is that these murderous jihadists, while claiming to be Muslim, are actually inspired to commit violence not due to Islam itself, but rather due to such factors as poverty, and/or disenfranchisement, and/or oppression, and/or unemployment, and/or marginalization, etc., for essentially, what is contended is that it is nearly everything but Islam which is the motivating force for these violent Islamists, and that their Islam is almost incidental to their motivations, and yet, the problem with this claim is that the very fact that the “Islamist-excusers” appeal to such an utterly wide and disparate range of other motivating factors literally undermines their point and shows that the only connecting factor is Islam itself, for when 1) you have jihadists and Islamist suicide bombers who come from all sorts of economic backgrounds and ranges, and 2) who come from all sorts of different countries across the world, and 3) who come from all sorts of different ethnicities and cultural groups, and 4) who are both converts and life-long Muslims, and 5) who come from both main groups of Islam (Shia and Sunni), and 6) who come from varying education levels, and 7) who come from both relatively open societies to repressive societies, and 8) who come from Muslim majority countries to countries with barely any Muslims, and 9) who come from countries with no history of non-question-begging grievances against the West to countries with such grievances, and yet whose one main and cleared shared trait among these violent jihadists is a strict and literal interpretation of the Koran and other foundational Muslim texts, as well as the emulation and copying of Muslim jihadists, right down to Muhammad himself, who have been attacking the West since the origin of Islam, then those two just mentioned facts are, in and of themselves, a strong and rational reason to believe that maybe, just maybe, the main problem and the primary driver of these jihadists is indeed Islam itself, not some outside factor like “poverty” (or, more specifically, the main motivator are the commands in the Koran and other Muslim texts, as well as the life of Muhammad); so do not be fooled by the attempts to push the problem away from Islam itself, for if the motivating factor of the jihadists were some outside force or forces, we would expect that factor to be shared across the board by most jihadists, and yet the only factor that we really see shared by all violent Islamists is a strict and literal understanding of the Koran and a desire to follow the commands therein to the letter, and this fact is rather telling about their main motivation, is it not?

Why a Gospel Army of Fishermen and Fools?

It is fascinating to ponder why Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity, would choose fishermen and fools to be His messengers and spreaders of the Gospel message, and thus it is a wonder to wonder why this was done, and yet when one thinks about it from the perspective of showing the power of Christ and the truth of Christianity, it is actually easy to realize why Christ chose the low-level bumpkins and blue-collar commoners that He did to articulate His message to the world, for the fact is, had Christ chosen men of great power and means and money and persuasiveness to spread His message, then it would be rather easy to dismiss the survival and rise of early Christianity to human means rather than to divine ones, but given that Christianity–that religion which was foolishness to Greeks and repulsive to Jews–did survive and thrive even though spread by poor and uneducated commoners, and though it did so against the expectations of what we would think would happen for such a religion if said religion was only a human-made invention spread by mere fishermen and tradesmen, then the fact is that the very reason that Christ did choose such people as His representatives is because in doing so, and in knowing that they would succeed in spreading His message even though having every obstacle against them and no human power to achieve their aim, then the fact that they so succeeded would serve as at least some reason to see that their success could not come about simply by human hands, but that it needed the power of the Almighty behind it to make it work; and so, Christ’s selection of the earthly weak rather than the humanly strong as His Gospel-bearers was a deliberate act meant to show us and give us a reason to see that the Gospel message, if not supported by the power of God Himself, should not have succeeded in being heard, and yet since it was, then this latter fact is at least some reason to accept that message as being a true message from God (and, for example, contrast this with Islam, which did, in large part, gain its foothold as a surviving and thriving religion through the use of the earthly power of sword and steel, and which had men motivated both by heavenly and earthly rewards of booty and bounty, unlike Christ’s apostles, who, in this life, were promised pain and death).

The Multiverse and Creationism

I have, in the past, written about the multiverse–the idea, usually offered in answer to the fine-tuning of this universe, that there exist trillions upon trillions of different universes, if not, in fact, an infinite amount of such different universes, all with different physical laws and constants–and I have also written about how certain atheists often appeal to the multiverse as a “get anything you want or need naturalistically” card, and though I have also shown that atheistic appeals to the multiverse might not be as beneficial as atheists believe them to be, I will, in this thought, also note that another funny point about atheistic appeals to the multiverse is that although atheists often rail against creationism and chant that accepting creationism is utterly irrational and “anti-science”, it actually is the case that if the multiverse does exist, then, the fact is, it is highly likely that many “creationist-style” universes exist given that, in a multiverse, such created universes could easily be made by some kind of hyper-advanced being–in fact, if an infinite number of universes exist, then there are arguably a massive plethora, or even an infinite number of such creationist-styles universes that exist; and what this means is that if the atheist wishes to push the multiverse card as a means to account for the fine-tuning of this universe, then, by extension, such an atheist should arguably become silent about creationist-style ideas, for the fact is that in a multiverse, there is no way of knowing whether or not we are presently in a creationist-style universe–essentially, a universe which was intelligently designed and which appears old (based on our current science) but which is, in reality, actually only a few thousand years old–and so, in appealing to the multiverse, atheists give serious legitimacy and weight to creationism in general, for indeed, though such an idea might not necessarily support orthodox Christian creationism per se, atheistic endorsements of the multiverse without doubt make general creationism (and even a creationism very closely resembling Christian Creationism) eminently rational to believe in, which is a particularly humorous result given the general antipathy that most atheists feel towards creationism of any form…and perhaps the funniest issue is that in seeking to avoid the fine-tuning problem by appealing to the multiverse, atheists actually completely support the idea of the intelligently designed fine-tuning of this universe, for a creationism universe is an intelligently designed one, and thus atheistic attempts to defeat the problem of fine-tuning actually make fine-tuning that much easier to believe in.

Jesus was a Tough Son-of-a-^%&$#

In our society and culture, where Jesus is often portrayed in a relatively weak and unmanly way–often shown as embracing young children, or displayed with almost effeminate mannerisms, and thereby being, in a way, not really displayed in a manner that is overly attractive to men given men’s propensity to follow strength and courage–one of the things that our modern society, and especially men in our modern society, and especially non-Christian men in our modern society not exactly impressed by the modern portrayals of Jesus, all too often forget is that Jesus was actually a “man’s man”, so to speak, and He was one tough son-of-a-&$%^* as well, for we must remember that this is the same Jesus who, on His own accord, fashioned up a weapon, kicked ass, and single-handedly drove the money-changers out of a temple, and He is a man who made the Devil himself leave in anger, and Jesus is the man who even girded up His loins and willingly went to be tortured and killed in order to achieve His aims, not even lifting a finger to stop what He could have stopped in a second; now that is power, and that is will, and that is strength, and that is a type of manliness rarely seen today, and so when we think of Jesus, and when we seek to emulate Him, we must not only be emulating ‘Jesus the meek and mild’, but we must also remember to follow the Jesus of an iron-will who willingly embraced his own horrid death with more courage than Socrates and as much strength as a gladiator…and to any non-Christian or even Christian men who are turned off of the Christ due to His alleged weakness and timidity, I suggest that you truly think about the strength and courage o Christ, and you should remember not to mistake willing submission to pain and death for the purpose of accomplishing one’s mission as a weakness, but rather as the ultimate strength, for the accomplishment of one’s mission, even on pain of death, is what every true man seeks to do in this life, and since Jesus accomplished His mission even though doing so meant willingly and freely embracing pain unimaginable by any mortal man (all the sin and pain of the world in one moment in time), then, men, please realize that Jesus is not only a God-man, but He is actually the ultimate man’s man as well, and He is someone that all men should follow.

The Awesomeness of God and the Pathetic Imagination of Man

In this day and age, when we in the West entertain ourselves and our minds with the dreams and visions of children through plays and books about so-called “superheros” such as Superman and others (and superheros are, in point of fact, also a reminder to modern secular man of mankind’s need and desire for transcendent and almost spiritual heros) and also in this time when we men have dreams, in our games and our novels, of aliens who might span the width of a galaxy and control billions upon billions of planets, it is actually interesting to reflect upon the fact (for such reflection is appropriately humbling) of how pathetic our imagination is in this respect, and how awesome the true God is, for while we men think that certain of the superheros we imagine might be worthy of the label ‘god’ and while we contend that a potentially space-faring species of galactic proportions could be considered ‘god-like’ in power, these thoughts are, quite simply, small, for to think that some ‘superman’ or some aliens of great power deserve to be thought of as god-like simply shows the smallness of man’s reasoning, and it does, simultaneously, serve as a lesson and reminder of the sheer incomprehensible awesomeness of the true Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, to whom a superman or galaxy-wide alien race are powers of utter insignificance, and who, in fact, would only have the power that they would have because the God who is who He is would sustain and give them that power; and so, the point here is to simply note, with sadness, how small and unworthy modern man’s idea of god-hood is, and how it shows his sheer theological ignorance (a sad state of affairs indeed), while also helping to remind ourselves that even our imagination falls utterly short of the awesomeness of the true God, and this, in turn, gives us the confidence to know, that when the Lord God wills to do that which He wills to do–such as save us from damnation if we freely accept that salvation–there is not a sheer thing that any superman, or any man, or any created power in this universe, or even any other created power from outside this universe, could do to prevent that desire from coming about…and it is in this fact that we are rational to place our trust in the Lord.