Guard Your Most Precious Resource

Though I have said it before, and I will likely say it again, and though transforming this simple truism from mere mental knowledge to an actually lived-out truth took years of contemplation and practice, I tell you all (especially those of a currently younger bend who have not yet experienced the years of life fly by), that the most important and precious finite resource that you have–the MOST important and precious resource–is not money, or looks, or health, but rather, it is time, for time, unlike money, or looks, or health, or so many others things, is the one thing which, once lost, can never be recovered, and time is the one thing that is required to regain all others as well (for you need time to become wealthy, or healthy, or smart), and so, if there is one thing that no one–at least no one who fears his accounting before God–should waste is time; now, the way not to waste time is to, quite simply, avoid doing useless and trivial things–and note that there is a difference between genuine relaxation and sloth–for as even men of great renown and deep experience, such as ancient samurai Miyamoto Musashi, have said, the way to success and achievement is to “do nothing which is of no use”,  for to do that which is indeed of no use is not only folly, but it is also a sin most foul…and so, listen to this hard-won wisdom:  guard your time zealously, for only by doing so can you both succeed at your life’s task and stand before God without the stain of sloth upon your chest.


Rule of Thumb: Speak Truth, No Matter How

As an apologist, it is critical to remember that ultimately, ultimately, you must always be seen as striving to speak the truth, and if, to do so, that means that you must come across as rude, or condescending, or arrogant, or superior, or haughty, or aggressive, or offensive, or bigoted, or “phobic”, or even all of the above, remember that your approach, and the perception of your approach, must always be secondary to speaking the truth; now, of course, whenever possible, you should strive to initially speak with gentleness, respect, courtesy, and cordiality, and this should be an obvious given, but if push-comes-to-shove, and if there is no other way to speak the truth than with verbal violence and vitriol, then it is indeed better to be seen speaking the truth in the vilest of fashions than to be seen as an individual who sounds sweet, but who ultimately spews out nothing more than agreeable and face-saving falsehoods…so speak truth and all else, ultimately, be damned!

Rule of Thumb: The Louder the Propaganda, the Less Facts

Here is a solid ‘rule of thumb’ to remember throughout your life:  The louder, and more emotionally, and more vociferously that a person asserts something, especially some type of slogan which he constantly repeats, then, generally-speaking, the less facts that person has to back up his claim; examples:  1) Leftists who scream and chant and endlessly repeat that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, and 2) Proponents of blind-watchmaker type evolution who yell that there is no evidence opposed to evolution and that evolution is an ‘undeniable FACT, FACT, FACT!’, and 3) New Atheists who chant that ‘There is NO evidence for God’, etc…