Disparate Jihadists and the Motivation of Islam

In the West one of the things that we hear about from many sides of the political spectrum when discussing the issue of ‘terror jihad’ that is presently emanating from numerous Muslims across the world is that these murderous jihadists, while claiming to be Muslim, are actually inspired to commit violence not due to Islam itself, but rather due to such factors as poverty, and/or disenfranchisement, and/or oppression, and/or unemployment, and/or marginalization, etc., for essentially, what is contended is that it is nearly everything but Islam which is the motivating force for these violent Islamists, and that their Islam is almost incidental to their motivations, and yet, the problem with this claim is that the very fact that the “Islamist-excusers” appeal to such an utterly wide and disparate range of other motivating factors literally undermines their point and shows that the only connecting factor is Islam itself, for when 1) you have jihadists and Islamist suicide bombers who come from all sorts of economic backgrounds and ranges, and 2) who come from all sorts of different countries across the world, and 3) who come from all sorts of different ethnicities and cultural groups, and 4) who are both converts and life-long Muslims, and 5) who come from both main groups of Islam (Shia and Sunni), and 6) who come from varying education levels, and 7) who come from both relatively open societies to repressive societies, and 8) who come from Muslim majority countries to countries with barely any Muslims, and 9) who come from countries with no history of non-question-begging grievances against the West to countries with such grievances, and yet whose one main and cleared shared trait among these violent jihadists is a strict and literal interpretation of the Koran and other foundational Muslim texts, as well as the emulation and copying of Muslim jihadists, right down to Muhammad himself, who have been attacking the West since the origin of Islam, then those two just mentioned facts are, in and of themselves, a strong and rational reason to believe that maybe, just maybe, the main problem and the primary driver of these jihadists is indeed Islam itself, not some outside factor like “poverty” (or, more specifically, the main motivator are the commands in the Koran and other Muslim texts, as well as the life of Muhammad); so do not be fooled by the attempts to push the problem away from Islam itself, for if the motivating factor of the jihadists were some outside force or forces, we would expect that factor to be shared across the board by most jihadists, and yet the only factor that we really see shared by all violent Islamists is a strict and literal understanding of the Koran and a desire to follow the commands therein to the letter, and this fact is rather telling about their main motivation, is it not?


It IS About Attacking Christianity

In our modern age, in this, the twentieth and sixteen year of our Lord, it is time that we traditional Christians in the West stop kidding ourselves and realize that the attacks that we face from both liberal leftist “Christians” and the secular progressive liberal left against our common-sense morality and orthodox ethical views are not, primarily, done for the purpose of seeking equality, or fighting against discrimination, or seeking tolerance, for what these attacks are primarily targeted at is our Christianity itself, and these attacks against our Christianity are thus meant to be insidiously couched in more pleasant language about toleration and diversity and so on, in order to lull us to sleep while the enemy strikes, and while I do not contend that this is necessarily some type of concerted or coordinated or conspiratorial effort in this case, it is still nevertheless true that these are attacks against orthodox Christian theism, and the way that we can know this to be true is quite simple, for consider the following truths:

1. We see liberal progressive leftists actively seek out and target Christian bakers, or florists, or whatnot in an effort to be able to bring cultural and societal sanctions against these people, but we do not see one iota of effort from the same people in seeking out Muslim or Orthodox Jewish businesses that would refuse the same services as the Christian parties do;

2. After every Muslim terror attack, we hear calls from the left not to be ‘Islamophobic’ and that not all Muslims are like that and that, most likely, the attack was “somehow” caused by the far-right, and that the worse thing would be an anti-Muslim backlash, and yet when some Catholic priests are convicted of sexual abuse, there is no cry to avoid ‘Catholicophobia’, and no calls not to paint all priests as abusers, and no attempts at making excuses, but rather, the progressives actively and joyously use the sexual abuse crisis as a stick with which to beat the Catholic Church as a whole, something that they would never do with Muslims (just like when a Muslim causes an attack, the left tries to avoid mentioning his religion for as long as possible, but if a “Christian” or “right-winger” causes an attack, it is almost the first thing mentioned, and it is repeated over and over and over again);

3. Progressive feminists, who, under the law, enjoy full equality in the formerly Christian West, spend inordinate amounts of time whining and complaining about the most idiotic and minor things that happen in Western societies while not only ignoring the horrors against women that occur elsewhere in the world, such as in Muslim countries, but even covering up for crimes against women committed by these other ‘victim groups’;

4. History and facts are utterly distorted by leftist progressives in order to make what was formerly Christendom and Western Civilization and Western culture seem abhorrent and horrendous, when, in reality, the West’s sins were absolutely no greater than those of any other culture, and were arguably much less so, and were also readily offset by the great cultural and political benefits that the West brought to the rest of the world which no other culture did;

5. We see leftist progressive politicians and businesses in the West condemn and refuse to do business in areas and states that enact laws to protect Christians from secular progressive discrimination, and yet, all the while, these politicians and businesses are happy to do business in countries that are actively and horrendously hostile to progressive ideas and ideals (China, Sauda Arabia, Turkey, Cuba, Iran, etc.) and yet which also just happen to persecute Christians too, so so long as Christians are somehow receiving the lash–both literally and figuratively–these progressive politicians and businesses are happy;

6. While secular progressives are happy to attack crosses in public spaces or prayer in schools due to the need for the ‘separation of church and state’, they dutifully ignore Muslim segregation of girls and boys in schools while they are literally praying in schools and ignore the chanting from minarets across all public spaces, just to name a few issues of this sort;

7. While Christians are routinely harassed and stopped and punished under hate speech laws enacted and enforced by progressives in the West, these laws, strangely, never seem to be used by progressives against Muslim hate-preachers or secular bigots, but mainly against orthodox Christians;

8. While progressives will claim that criticism of Islam or other non-Western religions is racist–a claim which is non-sensical to begin with–they would laugh if you called their criticism of Christianity racist or discriminatory;

9. Finally, while we see leftist progressives talk about aiding the needy and helping the destitute, we almost never hear them speak about the fact that the most persecuted victim group in the world are ‘Christians’, for Christians the world over are harmed and killed by their non-Christian country-men more so than any other religious group, and yet about this, you will rarely hear the left make a sound;

…and so, it is for reasons like these, and others, that we can reasonably come to believe that the progressive left is not aiming at using social tools for a “better” world, but rather, they use their power to seek a world without traditional Christianity, but of course, to the progressive left, those two things are synonymous, and the sooner Christians realize this, the better.

Islam is Not a Race, Just Like Christianity Is Not

The fact that Islam is not a race but rather a religion and a political ideology, and the fact that Muslims come from essentially all major ethnic and racial backgrounds, and hence the fact that calling critics of Islam “racists” is false and disingenuous, is so bloody obvious that it is not even worthy of being mentioned by any honest person, and yet it has to be mentioned in today’s day and age–which is sad, and a mark of the stupidity and decline and dishonesty of our times–given the idiotic and reflexive desire by certain segments of the leftist political population to label any criticism of Islam as racist (and if you have ever made such a claim, then you should stop, as doing so is literally false and moronic); now, as stated, it is obvious that Islam is not a race and hence obvious that critics of Islam are not racists, but one further way to see the truth of this point, and one way in which to show this point to the fools and knaves who have some sympathy with the idea that criticism of Islam is racist, and one further way to know that the use of this term “racist” is ultimately just about using it as a tool of power to shut down any debate about Islam, is to simply point out that no one on the left side of the political spectrum would ever dream of calling someone a “racist” for criticizing Christianity, and yet Christianity, just like Islam, is a religion and a partial political ideology with members from nearly all major ethnic and racial backgrounds, and so the very fact that a leftist critic of Christianity would never be labelled a “racist” by the left, but a right-leaning (or even left-leaning) critic of Islam would, tells you all that you need to know about what the actual purpose of using the term racist is in this case:  It is simply about power and shutting down criticism of Islam, which is why the next time someone calls you a “racist” for criticizing Islam, not only tell them that they are &$%## stupid, but tell them to go to hell as well, and then keep on talking…its the only way to keep the dishonest liars from stopping the debate.

Just the Latest in a 1400-Year Line of Victims

With yet more deaths at the hands of Islamist jihadists in European and Western lands, and with this being yet one more attack of Islamist jihad in this era of terroristic jihad–and era that started in earnest just a sliver of time after the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of mankind’s Lord–many people in the West weep and wonder why these victims, seemingly random and unconnected to jihad, had to perish so horribly, and yet what so many of the historically-ignorant man-children of the West forget is that these victims were not random and not unconnected, for they were not randomly targeted but were specifically selected precisely because they were citizen members of what was once Christendom, and these European victims were not unconnected to history, for they are intimately connected to the European Christians who died, or were raped, or were kidnapped, or were enslaved, or were mutilated at the hands of jihadists countless times over centuries and centuries, such as when jihadists invaded Spain, or fought in France, or occupied the Balkans for generations, or pushed towards Vienna, or destroyed Constantinople, or pirated the Mediterranean, or raided the coasts of Italy, or any of the other countless atrocities worthy of condemnation that jihadists committed since the birth of Islam; so let us not think of these victims as somehow standing alone, or somehow not being connected to the other jihadist victims of history, for these newest fatalities are but the latest in a long-line of historical victims of jihad, and though Europeans may have forgotten this fact due to the historical blip of communism which has loomed large over the past century, the fact is that the main attacker against the West has always been Islam, and it seems that now that the scourge of communism has largely died in the West as a political force running nations (but it has increased culturally), it now seems that Islam is re-asserting itself with the same sort of violent rigor that it did at its founding.

A Hard Reality for the Unreal “Liberals” of the West

In this twentieth and sixteen year since the birth of our most just and merciful Lord, and in this time of the resurgence of militant jihad, there is a hard truth that must be heard by the many infantile, unserious, historically-ignorant, and culturally deluded left-leaning people in the West today:  Know this, that though it may make you feel better, and though it may make you feel like you are actually doing something, and though it may make you feel that your unreal beliefs still somehow align with reality, the fact is that in the face of yet another Islamist jihad attack, starting 1) a “hashtag”, or 2) singing Lennon’s “Imagine” while holding hands, or 3) printing emotion-laden cartoons, or 4) laying flowers at sites of carnage, or 5) endlessly repeating “Diversity is our strength!”, or 6) intoning like a mantra that Islam is a “religion of peace”, or 7) lighting up buildings in the colors of countries where death has just been wrought, or 8) crying little an infant, or 9) yelling that “This has nothing to do with Islam”, or 10) virtue-signalling that you are worried about some never-materializing right-wing backlash, accomplishes ABSOLUTELY ^$&*# NOTHING IN THE REAL WORLD, and doing this won’t protect you or your loved ones from the next attack, and it won’t stop the next Islamist jihadist attack, and it won’t make the Islam jihadists think twice about committing their next attack, and it won’t magically transform 1400-years of Islamic offensive aggression against the West, and it won’t change Islam itself either…so these “feel-good” virtue-signalling actions are ultimately worthless and empty and pathetic gestures of an unserious people which are clear symptom of the liberal West’s mental sickness, and this fact should wake you and ever other leftist in the West out of their self-induced suicidal slumber.

History Belies the Fact that Islam is a Religion of Peace

Look, the fact of the matter is that Islam may or may not be true, but whether it is or not (and it is not, but that is a different story), the further fact of the matter is that history lays waste to the assertion that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”, for the truth is that for its approximately 1400 year history, and right up to the present day, and wherever Muslims had some larger numbers of men and material with a human population, Islam has been at war along its borders with non-Muslims of every stripe–essentially, Islam has bloody borders–and these wars have, as often as not, and in fact more often than not, been expansionist and offensive in nature, and even in the cases where some of these wars were “defensive” in nature, the wars themselves had earlier been spurned on and instigated by past Muslim aggression (the Crusades fit this category), and the further fact is that such vast expansionist aggression was not earlier seen in Arab pagans or Christians, and so the main unifying theme motivating this aggression was Islam and, of course, the earthly plunder that Islam allows its warriors to have; so again, whether it is ultimately true or not as an overall religion, for the sake of historical and contemporary truth, we need to stop saying that Islam is a religion of peace, for its record does, quite frankly, contradict such a claim to the ‘nth’ degree.

Thought on Islam, Atheism and Repeating One’s Desires

One of the most interesting political phenomena of our modern age is seeing how many of those on the left of the political spectrum (primarily) repeatedly and endlessly chant that “Islam is a Religion of Peace” even in the face of Koranic-scriptural evidence to the contrary, and the evidence of Mohammed’s violent life (which Muslims emulate), and the evidence of the 1400-years of expansionary conquest that is Islam’s history, and the modern evidence of Islamist terrorists supporting their actions by properly quoting the Koran, (and even the ironic evidence of Muslims who threaten to kill you if you deny that Islam is a religion of peace), and the reason that this whole issue is so interesting is because it shows the two-fold nature of the modern Left, which is, on the one hand, to use any tool, such as Islam, to attack, in any way, its main enemy, which is Western civilizational and the Christianity that birthed that civilization (for if Islam is a religion of peace, then you are a liar and a bigot if you deny that it is, which is precisely why the Left chants that Islam is a religion of peace and then shrieks “Bigot!” & “Racist!” at those on the Right who disagree), and then, on the other hand, its shows the Left’s cowardice and its desire to disconnect from reality, for the Left’s constant chanting that Islam is a religion of peace is not only a way for the Leftist to virtue-signal that he is no threat to Islam and thus that he should not be killed (or at least killed last), but it is also a way for the Leftist to noisily drown out, to himself, what he knows is true and sees all around him, which is that Islam is clearly not a religion of peace (it may or may not be true, but it is not peaceful in any meaningful sense), thereby helping the Leftist to maintain the delusion that he has established for himself (that Islam is, and must be, a religion of peace) regardless of the evidence; and in these respects what is also interesting to note is that this modern Leftist phenomena, in my view, is very much like modern atheism, for with modern atheism we see the same disproportionate focus on attacking Christianity in spite of the fact that other targets would be more appropriate for the atheist, and we see the same type of loud and repeated chanting (“There is NO evidence for God!”, “God is a sky-daddy!”, “God belief is for children!”) that makes you suspect that these are the cries of people who need to be so loud because they are trying to drown out that little voice in their head which is saying: “Look around you…its pretty clear that some kind of God exists!”