One Way to Minimize Both the Mass of Migrants and Their Progressive Enablers

There is no doubt that Europe is presently in the throes of a serious struggle with migrants, and there is also no doubt that this issue is being exasperated by the many individuals of a liberal and progressive and even anarchist persuasion who are encouraging the migrants and the mass quantities of immigration into their European lands, and since the wave of migration into Europe is, in my view, something that is seriously undesirable and will cause massive problems in the near future–problems which are eminently avoidable through a sane migration policy–but also given that we do not necessarily wish to restrict the desires and freedoms of those European progressives wishing to have migrants enter their country, then one way that I propose to both solve the migrant crisis and to make the pro-migrant cheerleaders put their money where their mouth is, is to offer the simple solution that migrants are welcome into a European country, but they are only welcome so long as a European person or family is willing to sponsor them and have them live in the same residence as the person or family for a set period of time, such as one-to-two year; by doing this, we would achieve two things, the first of which would be exposing, once again, the utter hypocrisy of the leftist liberal progressive given that no doubt few of them would actually offer their own homes to house migrants even though they are more than ready to “compassionately” offer other people’s towns and neighborhoods for the migrants so long as the progressive himself is not personally affected by his own “benevolent” policies, and the second outcome, derived from the first, would be a massive drop in the amount of migrants flooding into the country given the lack of progressives who actually would be willing to personally do what they demand so many other people do, namely house the migrants in their own towns, neighborhoods, and homes…and so, in this way, we could, so to speak, kill two birds with our one stone, for we would expose the progressives for the hypocrites that we all know that they are and drive immigration down to a trickle, and yet because this idea would be so effective, it is obviously the reason it won’t be done in Europe today (and note that I in no way think that we should not help refugees in their own country, but that is a different issue).


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