Is It Time for the West to Peacefully Fracture and Fragment?

In this current time and age, with its extreme divides in politics, cultural outlook, and civilizational desires, a question which we in the West can no longer avoid, and one which we thus must muse about seriously, is the question of whether or not it is time for Western Civilization, and the individual countries that make up that civilization, to consider dividing itself into essentially two separate and distinct entities, with one group espousing and maintaining views traditionally associated with orthodox Christian religion, conservatism, individualism, nationalism, and natural law morality (essentially, Christendom), and with the other group being composed of the secularists, leftists, collectivists, globalists, and moral relativists (essentially, the modern progressive welfare state), and the reason to suggest that such a separation is needed is due to the fact that when you have massive chunks of a population so divided about the most fundamental issues in existence–God, religion, morality, the concept of the human person, immigration and national identity, the right to life, sexual mores, and so on and so forth–then in one country, you actually no longer have a nation or a society or a culture, but rather you have numerous different “nations” and societies and cultures simply placed together on one land mass with borders around it, and as history can attest (with the former Yugoslavia being put one recent example), when tensions rise, these separate-but-in-one-country societies and cultural / ethnic groups, if not allowed to fracture peacefully, will do so by force, for force, in such a divided country, will be the only option left for one side or the other, for indeed, when a country is so divided concerning the most foundational issues, then the only way that one side or the other can achieve its aims against the other cultural group that totally opposes it is through the coercion and legal power of the state, which is what we are presently starting to see occur against Christians and conservatives, by leftist progressives, in the West today, and which is what we saw the reverse of only a few generations ago, and so indeed, the potential need to separate the West into a “progressive” area and a “conservative / traditionalist” one (to use these terms as commonly understood) may be the only way to avoid a fate that could potentially be much worse than mere separation; after all, just imagine that if any married couple were as divided about the most core cultural and social and moral issues as many countries in the West are divided today–and especially the United States–then such a couple would have been divorced long ago, and if they did not divorce peacefully, then the pressure and tension and hatred of one for the other would only grow, until such a time as arguably only force or the threat of force (or blackmail / intimidation) could cause one spouse to do what the other wanted, and also until either one spouse either became totally submissive or else the whole situation exploded, and this, I contend, might very well be what will happen to the West if the real possibly of amicable separation is not at least seriously considered in the future….let the progressives live among themselves and rule themselves as they like, and let the conservatives do the same, for, in the end, both groups would no doubt be happier with such an arrangement.


2 thoughts on “Is It Time for the West to Peacefully Fracture and Fragment?

  1. Such a separation is impossible, because the secular Left do not wish to live peacefully separate from Christendom. Their sole goal in life, the only thing that brings a cessation of their eternal self imposed misery, is the destruction of Christendom.

    You are asking whether the parasite should be separate from the host on which it feeds and which it delights in destroying.

    They don’t want to live. They want you to die.


    • John,

      To be honest, I both know and agree with you. The fact is that the life has now gained the very power needed to achieve its aim of crushing the Faith, and it does not intend to let anything stand in the way of that power. And yet, at the same time, one cannot but show that peaceful solutions to this issue were offered, so that when these solutions are not taken, we cannot be blamed for a lack of trying.


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