Disparate Jihadists and the Motivation of Islam

In the West one of the things that we hear about from many sides of the political spectrum when discussing the issue of ‘terror jihad’ that is presently emanating from numerous Muslims across the world is that these murderous jihadists, while claiming to be Muslim, are actually inspired to commit violence not due to Islam itself, but rather due to such factors as poverty, and/or disenfranchisement, and/or oppression, and/or unemployment, and/or marginalization, etc., for essentially, what is contended is that it is nearly everything but Islam which is the motivating force for these violent Islamists, and that their Islam is almost incidental to their motivations, and yet, the problem with this claim is that the very fact that the “Islamist-excusers” appeal to such an utterly wide and disparate range of other motivating factors literally undermines their point and shows that the only connecting factor is Islam itself, for when 1) you have jihadists and Islamist suicide bombers who come from all sorts of economic backgrounds and ranges, and 2) who come from all sorts of different countries across the world, and 3) who come from all sorts of different ethnicities and cultural groups, and 4) who are both converts and life-long Muslims, and 5) who come from both main groups of Islam (Shia and Sunni), and 6) who come from varying education levels, and 7) who come from both relatively open societies to repressive societies, and 8) who come from Muslim majority countries to countries with barely any Muslims, and 9) who come from countries with no history of non-question-begging grievances against the West to countries with such grievances, and yet whose one main and cleared shared trait among these violent jihadists is a strict and literal interpretation of the Koran and other foundational Muslim texts, as well as the emulation and copying of Muslim jihadists, right down to Muhammad himself, who have been attacking the West since the origin of Islam, then those two just mentioned facts are, in and of themselves, a strong and rational reason to believe that maybe, just maybe, the main problem and the primary driver of these jihadists is indeed Islam itself, not some outside factor like “poverty” (or, more specifically, the main motivator are the commands in the Koran and other Muslim texts, as well as the life of Muhammad); so do not be fooled by the attempts to push the problem away from Islam itself, for if the motivating factor of the jihadists were some outside force or forces, we would expect that factor to be shared across the board by most jihadists, and yet the only factor that we really see shared by all violent Islamists is a strict and literal understanding of the Koran and a desire to follow the commands therein to the letter, and this fact is rather telling about their main motivation, is it not?


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