Why a Gospel Army of Fishermen and Fools?

It is fascinating to ponder why Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity, would choose fishermen and fools to be His messengers and spreaders of the Gospel message, and thus it is a wonder to wonder why this was done, and yet when one thinks about it from the perspective of showing the power of Christ and the truth of Christianity, it is actually easy to realize why Christ chose the low-level bumpkins and blue-collar commoners that He did to articulate His message to the world, for the fact is, had Christ chosen men of great power and means and money and persuasiveness to spread His message, then it would be rather easy to dismiss the survival and rise of early Christianity to human means rather than to divine ones, but given that Christianity–that religion which was foolishness to Greeks and repulsive to Jews–did survive and thrive even though spread by poor and uneducated commoners, and though it did so against the expectations of what we would think would happen for such a religion if said religion was only a human-made invention spread by mere fishermen and tradesmen, then the fact is that the very reason that Christ did choose such people as His representatives is because in doing so, and in knowing that they would succeed in spreading His message even though having every obstacle against them and no human power to achieve their aim, then the fact that they so succeeded would serve as at least some reason to see that their success could not come about simply by human hands, but that it needed the power of the Almighty behind it to make it work; and so, Christ’s selection of the earthly weak rather than the humanly strong as His Gospel-bearers was a deliberate act meant to show us and give us a reason to see that the Gospel message, if not supported by the power of God Himself, should not have succeeded in being heard, and yet since it was, then this latter fact is at least some reason to accept that message as being a true message from God (and, for example, contrast this with Islam, which did, in large part, gain its foothold as a surviving and thriving religion through the use of the earthly power of sword and steel, and which had men motivated both by heavenly and earthly rewards of booty and bounty, unlike Christ’s apostles, who, in this life, were promised pain and death).


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