Jesus was a Tough Son-of-a-^%&$#

In our society and culture, where Jesus is often portrayed in a relatively weak and unmanly way–often shown as embracing young children, or displayed with almost effeminate mannerisms, and thereby being, in a way, not really displayed in a manner that is overly attractive to men given men’s propensity to follow strength and courage–one of the things that our modern society, and especially men in our modern society, and especially non-Christian men in our modern society not exactly impressed by the modern portrayals of Jesus, all too often forget is that Jesus was actually a “man’s man”, so to speak, and He was one tough son-of-a-&$%^* as well, for we must remember that this is the same Jesus who, on His own accord, fashioned up a weapon, kicked ass, and single-handedly drove the money-changers out of a temple, and He is a man who made the Devil himself leave in anger, and Jesus is the man who even girded up His loins and willingly went to be tortured and killed in order to achieve His aims, not even lifting a finger to stop what He could have stopped in a second; now that is power, and that is will, and that is strength, and that is a type of manliness rarely seen today, and so when we think of Jesus, and when we seek to emulate Him, we must not only be emulating ‘Jesus the meek and mild’, but we must also remember to follow the Jesus of an iron-will who willingly embraced his own horrid death with more courage than Socrates and as much strength as a gladiator…and to any non-Christian or even Christian men who are turned off of the Christ due to His alleged weakness and timidity, I suggest that you truly think about the strength and courage o Christ, and you should remember not to mistake willing submission to pain and death for the purpose of accomplishing one’s mission as a weakness, but rather as the ultimate strength, for the accomplishment of one’s mission, even on pain of death, is what every true man seeks to do in this life, and since Jesus accomplished His mission even though doing so meant willingly and freely embracing pain unimaginable by any mortal man (all the sin and pain of the world in one moment in time), then, men, please realize that Jesus is not only a God-man, but He is actually the ultimate man’s man as well, and He is someone that all men should follow.


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