The Incoherence of the Progressives

Although not an outright contradiction, there is a serious intellectual tension and general incoherence in the overall thrust of the progressive narrative in today’s day and age, for consider, for example, that, on the one hand, we are told by the progressive side of the political spectrum that there is a great deal of male privilege (generally white male privilege) in our modern society, and that it is extremely difficult and under-privileging to be a female in our Western civilization, and yet, at the same time, we are also advised by progressives that, like magic, it is also possible, in our present progressive age, for a woman to become a man, and be treated like a man by society, merely by a magical verbal incantation and emotional fiat, without even having to go through any serious physical change or even change of dress, and yet, when we think of the combination of these factors, there seems to be a strange incoherence in the fact that, if there is such privilege in society for men, and if women, without making any major changes, can become men simply by claiming to be men, then it is a wonder why more women don’t simply “become” men in order to not only enjoy the male privilege that allegedly pervades our society but also to transform the “patriarchy” from the inside out; and indeed, the reason that this issue is such a wonder is because the fact that it does not happen more often–namely, that women don’t “become” men much more often in today’s society–seems to indicate a progressive dilemma that either 1) male privilege is not nearly as powerful or existent as it is proposed to be, and thus women don’t really need to become men to experience the same power and privilege as men, or else 2) that even progressives know that women cannot just “become” men by magical verbal fiat because manhood is determined by one’s physical sex (or some other objective physical fact) not by what one feels and tells other people, nor by some mutilating anatomical surgery, and so either way that you slice it, the very fact that modern progressives, while preaching both male privilege and gender-transformism, do not actually transform themselves into men more often, shows that at least some aspect of their progressive narrative is undermined by their very behavior, for their behavior shows that they do not really believe at least some part of what they are preaching…and if progressives don’t really believe in aspects of their own narrative, then why should you!


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