Microaggressions are about Power

In recent years, the idea of “microaggressions” have come out into the mainstream of society, and microaggressions are, as the pushers of this idea often claim, small and even unconscious biases and prejudices in the way that one person–of course, nearly always a white male–makes against another person in speech and action, and what is apparently of particular perniciousness about microaggressions is that quite often, neither the individual causing the microaggression nor the individual being microaggressed actually know that they involved in a microaggressing interaction, and thus only an outside observer–an expert in “microaggressions” perhaps–can see the microaggression in action; now, though many decent but ignorant people may think, merely upon hearing the term “microaggression”, that stopping such a thing is a good and noble task, for stopping any type of unnecessary aggression is a good, but make absolutely no mistake that the intent and the dark underbelly of the idea of microaggressions is fundamentally about power and control, for when 1) you have an “aggression” that you might not even know you are committing, and 2) the receiver does not even know that he is receiving such an aggression, and 3) for which you need a third party to “advise” you of your microaggression, and 4) when the term itself is so vague, amorphous, and flexible that essentially anything could be a microaggression to someone, then you have a recipe for where the microaggression commissars can suddenly bear down on almost anything you say or do that is culturally or socially relevant and thereby control your speech and your behavior by simply claiming that you have committed an unconscious microaggression which you need to cease committing, and soon, the fear of microaggressing–for those who let themselves fear such things, that is–will eventually cause you to self-censor not only your own speech but your very way of thinking, and in so doing, you have essentially conceded your power and autonomy to the new political priestly caste of microaggression perceivers, and you will have done so not through your own reason, but through the subtle coercion of social and cultural pressures that make many weaker men bend the knee to the sins of their times…so make no error in this matter: the core purpose of the idea of microaggressions is as a tool to allow others to exercise power over you, and to do so in a way that literally makes you and your mind begin to shape itself into the very intellectual and political mold that the modern day Social Justice Warrior desires, and there could be no hell worse than that.


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