Religion is Not Going Anywhere.

Although one sometimes hears unbelievers and others talk about how religions and religious belief will soon be thrown in the dustbin of history and thus mankind will move into the ‘shiny secular utopian’ stage of their existence (which all too often has its shiny secular sheen soon marred by buckets upon buckets blood, but that’s a different story), unbelievers and others need to realize that if the past is any indication, then not only is religion like philosophy in that they both tend to bury their undertakers, but religion also gives men the drive to fight and die and sacrifice pleasure for family and for civilization, something which most secular societies do not do as well–as evidenced by the hedonistic and emasculated and suicidally-reality-avoidant and barely repopulating secular societies found in western and northern Europe today–and so the fact is that most likely, religious belief is not going anywhere, and any secular utopian project, even if existent, would likely soon collapse under the weight of its enfeebled, narcissistic, and hedonistic populace.


5 thoughts on “Religion is Not Going Anywhere.

    • Here’s one…secularists have been called for the death of religion for over two hundred years, and even after the bloody secular atheistic Communists, religion is flourishing…so there is one fact for you.


  1. Calling it a fact doesn’t make it so.
    I’m a secularist and in no way do I call for ‘the death of religion’. I am for freedom of religion as well as freedom from it, and the only way this can be achieved is through secularism – the separation of any single religion from the state.

    Try again.


    • Super…and you are one secularist among many others who–in say China and North Korea and the former USSR and Revolutionary Spain and even way back, and as early as in Revolutionary France–did not agree with you and tried to destroy religion with violence and oppression. So your personal position–though commendable–says nothing about the history of secularism at large. Try again….and this time, make your attempt better.


      • So in one breath you’ll lump me in with the totalitarian regimes of N Korea and China, and in the next you’ll concede that they would disagree with me. In any case we’re talking past one another as we obviously have different definitions of ‘secularism’, and I suspect you are conflating yours with totalitarianism. The Google-nominated definition is…

        Secularism is a belief system that rejects religion, or the belief that religion should not be part of the affairs of the state or part of public education. The principles of separation of church and state and of keeping religion out of the public school system are an example of secularism.

        It’s now incumbent upon you to show the source of your definition, in order to validate your claims.


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