Is Illegal Immigration Like Rape?

In this thought I wish to make an analogy that many would consider utterly shocking and even “offensive”, but since we are after the truth here, and since offensiveness takes a far back seat to facts, we thus proceed nonetheless, and so in proceeding, we can thus ask the interesting question of whether illegal immigration is, in certain important ways, like rape (or at least assault), and before such a comparison is rejected as obviously ludicrous, consider that just as a nation is an interlinked connection of different systems all functioning together to make life possible, namely the life of a specific society and the specific people of that nation, so too is a body an interlinked connection of different systems all functioning together to make life possible, namely our life as a person, and just as a nation has a border which delineates it from other nations, so too does the body have a border–namely, our skin–which delineates it from other bodies, but now note that when one body breaches the border of another body without consent, we call that rape, and we obviously call such an action immoral and wrong, and so should we not, by analogical extension, also see illegal immigration as a type of rape (social rape, perhaps), for it is the non-consenting breach of the border of one nation / social organism by the “fingers and appendages”–in the form of people–of another nation / social organism, and note also that the motives of those breaching these borders are immaterial to the fact that they are doing something immoral and wrong, for just as an illegal immigrant may simply be seeking the pleasure of a better life for himself by doing something illegal, could not it be said that perhaps a rapist is also simply trying to seek some pleasure by doing something illegal, and also note that the consequences of the act matter not to the morality or immorality of the breaching of the border, for even if, say, a person somehow physically enjoyed the experience of being raped (it is logically possible, after all), that consequence would do nothing to negate the immorality of the rape itself, and so by analogy even if illegal immigration was somehow “good” for the invaded society, that consequence would do nothing to remove the immorality of the initial act of breaching a nation without consent, and so from all these facts, we can see that there is a case to be made that illegal immigration is, for a nation and society, indeed similar to a person being sexually assaulted by another person; now, I am not saying that this analogy is necessarily perfect, for no analogy is, but my point in making this analogy is to help awaken people who might otherwise be blinded by their emotions or feelings or cultural propaganda concerning the immorality of illegal immigration by showing its similarity to something which we all immediately know is immoral and wrong–namely, rape–and thus, by understanding that illegal immigration is analogous to rape (or, at the very least, analogous to something like assault), we can, at least in part, wash the scales from our eyes and view the whole debate about illegal immigration from a perspective which might have never occurred to us.


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