Islam is Not a Race, Just Like Christianity Is Not

The fact that Islam is not a race but rather a religion and a political ideology, and the fact that Muslims come from essentially all major ethnic and racial backgrounds, and hence the fact that calling critics of Islam “racists” is false and disingenuous, is so bloody obvious that it is not even worthy of being mentioned by any honest person, and yet it has to be mentioned in today’s day and age–which is sad, and a mark of the stupidity and decline and dishonesty of our times–given the idiotic and reflexive desire by certain segments of the leftist political population to label any criticism of Islam as racist (and if you have ever made such a claim, then you should stop, as doing so is literally false and moronic); now, as stated, it is obvious that Islam is not a race and hence obvious that critics of Islam are not racists, but one further way to see the truth of this point, and one way in which to show this point to the fools and knaves who have some sympathy with the idea that criticism of Islam is racist, and one further way to know that the use of this term “racist” is ultimately just about using it as a tool of power to shut down any debate about Islam, is to simply point out that no one on the left side of the political spectrum would ever dream of calling someone a “racist” for criticizing Christianity, and yet Christianity, just like Islam, is a religion and a partial political ideology with members from nearly all major ethnic and racial backgrounds, and so the very fact that a leftist critic of Christianity would never be labelled a “racist” by the left, but a right-leaning (or even left-leaning) critic of Islam would, tells you all that you need to know about what the actual purpose of using the term racist is in this case:  It is simply about power and shutting down criticism of Islam, which is why the next time someone calls you a “racist” for criticizing Islam, not only tell them that they are &$%## stupid, but tell them to go to hell as well, and then keep on talking…its the only way to keep the dishonest liars from stopping the debate.


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