Some Reasons for the Climate Change Push

As funny as it may sound, I strongly suspect that one of the reasons that many of those true believers on the left-side of the political spectrum (not just the ones using the left for personal power, money, and gain) are so often so adamant about the issue of “Climate Change” (what does that even mean, by the way?) is because, on the one hand, humans have an innate need to strive against what is evil and wrong, and–and this is the key point–on the other hand, so-called Climate Change has become the evil that many left-leaning individuals have chosen to strive against not only because it is rather inoffensive in its demands against individuals (and you can’t offend inanimate “Mother Nature”) but also because it is an evil which does not demand any real personal or individual change in order to be implemented given that it is a change that can simply be pushed on people from above via governmental force (just think of how quick a massive “carbon” tax could be put in place by a motivated government); indeed, this is one of the reasons, for instance, for why the left avoids the the issue of demanding change about radical Islam or about the problems (medical, psychological, and otherwise) that arise with sexual immorality, for such demands require rigorous and deep personal and individual change if they to be implemented for the government cannot ultimately force change in these respects (at least not easily) and also, talking about such issues has the possibility to be highly offensive to many individuals, which is anathema to the left (unless you are a white male Christian), and so these are some of the reasons that these issues are avoided by the left (or glossed over) while climate change is pushed, pushed, pushed, for while the latter may or may not be an actual threat to human existence (who knows, it could be beneficial), fighting against it makes the leftist feel like he is combating evil in some significant way through his preferred tool of government (rather than individual responsibility) all while protecting his precious ego from feeling like he is offending anyone in any significant way, for few people are personally offended about a “Battle Against the Climate!”….and the fact that these truly might be some of the underlying reasons motivating the leftist push against climate change is not something which is insignificant to the consideration of how seriously we should take those on the left who claim that climate change is the greatest threat to mankind in the modern era.   


3 thoughts on “Some Reasons for the Climate Change Push

    • That depends, for can we even coherently predict what is the “greatest” threat to humanity. For example, I might say that “science” itself is the greatest threat to humanity, and most people would laugh, until I note that without science , no Weapons of Mass Destruction, no climate change, etc. Now I am not saying that “science” is the greatest threat, but I am trying to point out that the answer is not clear, so even if climate change (and what, exactly, does that mean?) is real, and even if it is a threat, it is not clear that it is a threat that is nearly as serious as other threats, nor is it clear that it is enough of a threat that we should do anything about it.


      • So, you think that we need to define what things are before we make sweeping statements about them? Of course climate always is an uncertainty, but does uncertainty mean that we shouldn’t bother to try and predict the possibilities of certain scenarios taking place? If one of those scenarios says that there is a certain chance of there being a mass extinction or a complete breakdown caused by climate change in the next hundred years, then that has to be a worrying thought. Yes, I’ve used climate change without defining it, but must we be obliged to use lengthy definitions of climate change every time we mention it? Yes, some climate change might be beneficial to some and tragic for others. It already is in cases like artic ice melting and desertification. Isn’t the argument against climate change one that is trying to see the picture from a human perspective rather than a self-interested or economic one? Isn’t the lack of clarity more deeply embedded in the self-interestedness of how climate change can be exploited than in the attempts to thwarts its progress? What does your article do to make the climate change question less opaque? Don’t articles like this intergovernmental plan do more to make the questions clearer?


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