Just the Latest in a 1400-Year Line of Victims

With yet more deaths at the hands of Islamist jihadists in European and Western lands, and with this being yet one more attack of Islamist jihad in this era of terroristic jihad–and era that started in earnest just a sliver of time after the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of mankind’s Lord–many people in the West weep and wonder why these victims, seemingly random and unconnected to jihad, had to perish so horribly, and yet what so many of the historically-ignorant man-children of the West forget is that these victims were not random and not unconnected, for they were not randomly targeted but were specifically selected precisely because they were citizen members of what was once Christendom, and these European victims were not unconnected to history, for they are intimately connected to the European Christians who died, or were raped, or were kidnapped, or were enslaved, or were mutilated at the hands of jihadists countless times over centuries and centuries, such as when jihadists invaded Spain, or fought in France, or occupied the Balkans for generations, or pushed towards Vienna, or destroyed Constantinople, or pirated the Mediterranean, or raided the coasts of Italy, or any of the other countless atrocities worthy of condemnation that jihadists committed since the birth of Islam; so let us not think of these victims as somehow standing alone, or somehow not being connected to the other jihadist victims of history, for these newest fatalities are but the latest in a long-line of historical victims of jihad, and though Europeans may have forgotten this fact due to the historical blip of communism which has loomed large over the past century, the fact is that the main attacker against the West has always been Islam, and it seems that now that the scourge of communism has largely died in the West as a political force running nations (but it has increased culturally), it now seems that Islam is re-asserting itself with the same sort of violent rigor that it did at its founding.


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