Diversity is and is not a strength…and its the latter that matters

So often we hear the claim that “Diversity is a strength”, and, on the one hand, when speaking about skills, this claim is true, for, say, an infantry platoon is stronger if its members have a diverse range of highly trained skills–one soldier is a great machine gunner, the other an awesome grenadier, the third a superb medic–but when it comes to values, ethics, and cultural norms, diversity is an utter weakness, for consider that an infantry platoon filled of individuals with diverse values–say, having one soldier who never follows orders, another who is lazy, another who is always late, another who does not speak English and refuses to learn, another who is a psychopath, another who refuses to work in a team, and so on–would not be a strong platoon, but an absolutely incompetent and dysfunctional one; the problem, of course, is that when people claim that “diversity is a strength” they mean it in the latter sense of values and cultural norms, and this diversity is absolutely not a strength, for having, say, a “diverse” cultural group which sanctions / turns a blind-eye to “honor-killings” actually mingle with a cultural group that does not sanction such a thing is not going to make the latter’s society greater or better, it will simply make it much worse, and everyone with half-a-brain knows this, and the same is true for numerous other values / cultural norms as well (an industrious society will not be improved by the importation of sloths, and an honest civilized society will not be improved by the importation of barbarians, and so on)…so the claim that diversity is a strength is both true and false, for it is true in relation to skills, but false in relation to values, ethics, and cultural norms, but the problem, as stated earlier, is that the modern fool who claims that diversity is a strength is usually thinking of cultural norms when he makes is utterance, not realizing what an idiotic position his position actually is.


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