Christianity is the Only Worldview Not Based on Faith

There is a certain irony about the fact that it is so often claimed that Christianity is, at bottom, a worldview based on “faith”, when, in fact, Christianity (or something very much like Christianity) is actually the only worldview which does not leave man resting on faith, for whereas secular attempts to justify our knowledge and our beliefs ultimately fall directly in the fatal maw of Agrippa’s Trilemma, which makes any secular attempt to justify our beliefs ultimately end in either an 1) infinite and never-ultimately-justifying chain of justification, or 2) a fallacious circular justification, or 3) an ad hoc and faith-filled adoption of some “foundational” belief, it is only Christianity, with its view of “illuminationism”–the view that God, who is knowledge itself, pro-actively and positively illuminates that human mind with knowledge–which can overcome Agrippa’s Trilemma and thus provide a secure foundation for knowledge; indeed, whenever man himself reaches out to try to justify his beliefs on his own, he falls foul of Agrippa’s Trilemma, and thus can never justify his beliefs on a firm rock of knowledge but must ultimately rest those beliefs, in the end, on blind faith (some essentially arbitrary foundation), and thus it is only a worldview where a good omni-God who is knowledge itself reaches down to provide knowledge to man that can have the resources to overcome Agrippa’s Trilemma, and this is why I say that only a worldview like Christianity allows man to rest his beliefs on knowledge (essentially, God), not faith (his own efforts, which lead only to an infinite regress of justification, false circular justification, or arbitrary foundational justification)…and yet since we do believe that our beliefs rest on knowledge and not faith, then this fact, in light of the above, is thus a fact that points us to the existence of a knowledge-giving God, and so not only is this point a point which argues in favor of the existence of God, it is also a point which reverses the idea that Christianity is based on faith but other views are based on reason.


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