A Hard Reality for the Unreal “Liberals” of the West

In this twentieth and sixteen year since the birth of our most just and merciful Lord, and in this time of the resurgence of militant jihad, there is a hard truth that must be heard by the many infantile, unserious, historically-ignorant, and culturally deluded left-leaning people in the West today:  Know this, that though it may make you feel better, and though it may make you feel like you are actually doing something, and though it may make you feel that your unreal beliefs still somehow align with reality, the fact is that in the face of yet another Islamist jihad attack, starting 1) a “hashtag”, or 2) singing Lennon’s “Imagine” while holding hands, or 3) printing emotion-laden cartoons, or 4) laying flowers at sites of carnage, or 5) endlessly repeating “Diversity is our strength!”, or 6) intoning like a mantra that Islam is a “religion of peace”, or 7) lighting up buildings in the colors of countries where death has just been wrought, or 8) crying little an infant, or 9) yelling that “This has nothing to do with Islam”, or 10) virtue-signalling that you are worried about some never-materializing right-wing backlash, accomplishes ABSOLUTELY ^$&*# NOTHING IN THE REAL WORLD, and doing this won’t protect you or your loved ones from the next attack, and it won’t stop the next Islamist jihadist attack, and it won’t make the Islam jihadists think twice about committing their next attack, and it won’t magically transform 1400-years of Islamic offensive aggression against the West, and it won’t change Islam itself either…so these “feel-good” virtue-signalling actions are ultimately worthless and empty and pathetic gestures of an unserious people which are clear symptom of the liberal West’s mental sickness, and this fact should wake you and ever other leftist in the West out of their self-induced suicidal slumber.


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