The Worthless but Necessary World of Politics

In and of itself, politics is a worthless endeavor, for all that truly and deeply matters in life, and all that one should be focused on, is 1) one’s love of God, 2) one’s honor (moral character and duties), and 3) one’s family–and in that specific order–and furthermore, since politics is all too often a vile pit where good men become soiled and where one’s principles get compromised and twisted it is thus best to avoid such a “profession”, and yet even acknowledging all this, the fact remains that since politics, and the decisions made by politicians–at least in this life–unavoidably encroach upon one’s ability to love God, and to be honorable, and to care for one’s family, then one must, sadly, engage in the political process with sufficient vigor to ensure that these other more important things are protected; and so, in this life, though good and Godly men may wish not to involve themselves in the affairs of the state, good and Godly men must actually do so, for it is only by doing this that they can remain good and Godly in their way without coercion and pressure not to be so, and so politics is a thing which a good man should always desire to avoid, and yet which he should always engage in as if avoidance of it was the last thing on his mind…the trick, of course, is maintaining this attitude once the power and prestige of the political process begins to be felt in one’s soul.


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