History Belies the Fact that Islam is a Religion of Peace

Look, the fact of the matter is that Islam may or may not be true, but whether it is or not (and it is not, but that is a different story), the further fact of the matter is that history lays waste to the assertion that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”, for the truth is that for its approximately 1400 year history, and right up to the present day, and wherever Muslims had some larger numbers of men and material with a human population, Islam has been at war along its borders with non-Muslims of every stripe–essentially, Islam has bloody borders–and these wars have, as often as not, and in fact more often than not, been expansionist and offensive in nature, and even in the cases where some of these wars were “defensive” in nature, the wars themselves had earlier been spurned on and instigated by past Muslim aggression (the Crusades fit this category), and the further fact is that such vast expansionist aggression was not earlier seen in Arab pagans or Christians, and so the main unifying theme motivating this aggression was Islam and, of course, the earthly plunder that Islam allows its warriors to have; so again, whether it is ultimately true or not as an overall religion, for the sake of historical and contemporary truth, we need to stop saying that Islam is a religion of peace, for its record does, quite frankly, contradict such a claim to the ‘nth’ degree.


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