Trump and Saint Paul the Apostle

In the political race which is occurring today in the United States of America, this twentieth and sixteen year of our Lord, the political rise of the man named Donald Trump has been both fascinating and instructive, with many people on either side of the aisle concerning Trump having much to say about the man, but one thing that has been said about him, and said by many Christians, is that, given Trump’s past, no good Christian could or should vote for the man, for he is unprincipled and vile and opposed to all that Christians should hold holy, and that he is thus not presently fit to be the President of the most powerful nation on Earth, and yet one thing that I have wondered about in this context is the similarity, at least in a loose way, between Trump and Saint Paul the Apostle, for was it not the case that before he had his conversion experience and thus transformed himself, Saint Paul was everything that an Apostle should not be, and he was an actual oppressor and killer of Christians, and thus who would want such a man as an Apostle for the Christian faith to the gentiles, and yet, even in spite of all this, Christians were willing to allow Saint Paul his chance and he thus rose to the occasion and became one of the greatest Christians ever to have lived, and thus by the same token, even though, in the past, and even presently, Trump has been, arguably, a great number of things that a Christian should not want in a President, it is a question as to whether or not Christians today should not give Trump a chance to transform and be President, just like Christians did with Saint Paul, for Trump could indeed rise to the occasion like Saint Paul did, and though there are obviously differences between them, there is an important kernel of similarity as well; so let it be clear that perhaps Christians today should not be so reluctant to give Trump a chance to fill the highest office in the land, for although it is obviously understood that there is great danger to allowing this given the possibility that Trump will not fulfill the promises he has laid out, the fact also is that given the other political candidates on offer both today and in the past, is voting for them any less dangerous than voting for Trump…and note that Trump is just a convenient example, for this many other politicians could take the place of Trump and the idea would be the same.


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