What if the Aliens Say…

One of the things that I have heard certain atheists from time-to-time semi-humorously posit is that they wonder what advanced aliens, if they ever came to Earth, would think of our religious beliefs and other “superstitions”, and by formulating this sort of semi-thought-experiment, these atheists and unbelievers are clearly implying that these imagined aliens beings would clearly be atheistic in orientation and outlook, and so these unbelievers try to imagine that Christians and other theistic believers would find such an outcome–namely, advanced interstellar beings being atheists–disconcerting and counter to their most deeply held beliefs; but what is interesting to think about, and one of the things these unbelievers rarely seem to consider, is to think how they would react if–and given that we are talking about presently fictitious aliens that no one knows anything about, this upcoming idea is as plausible and possible as the atheistic one–upon arrival, these advanced aliens, far from being atheistic, actually stated that they had come to Earth to preach the Good News of the Son of God who died for the sins of all rational beings…just imagining how certain atheistic jaws would drop at such a sight forms a good-natured and jovial smile on my face, and who knows, maybe one day that is exactly what will come to pass.


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