Time to Change the Voting Age

Given all that has been seen in the modern election cycles in Europe, in Canada, and in the United States–to only name the Western democracies–we must ask ourselves if it is time to change the voting age in our democracies, and yet, unlike many people likely think, I do not mean that we should change that age downwards, but rather strongly upwards–say, to the age of 25 years–for it is clear, upon looking at our modern society, that unlike many societies of old, where all to often men became men while still in children’s bodies, today we have many children in men’s bodies–indeed, men (and women, of course) who still act as infants and fools well into their twenties–and thus it is folly to let such unseasoned knaves vote; and lest someone object that such an upward change in voting age is itself arbitrary, then let us at least say that no man should vote until and unless he has met some objective threshold–be it the passing of a stringent test of his political knowledge, or military service, or the paying of serious taxes for, say, five consecutive years of his life–for the one thing that is known is that if something like this is not done, then we are giving the vote to yelps and fools, and such is not the way of sound political management…and lest someone object further that the young of a nation are somehow invested with youthful wisdom and vigorous knowledge, I simply note that no nation has ever succeeded while being run, or steered, or directed by children, nor by men with the minds and/or experience of children either, and so let this fact rest heavy on any man who appeals to the “wisdom” of youth as justification for their inclusion into the political process while still having the mindset of babes.


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