Rule of Thumb: Speak Truth, No Matter How

As an apologist, it is critical to remember that ultimately, ultimately, you must always be seen as striving to speak the truth, and if, to do so, that means that you must come across as rude, or condescending, or arrogant, or superior, or haughty, or aggressive, or offensive, or bigoted, or “phobic”, or even all of the above, remember that your approach, and the perception of your approach, must always be secondary to speaking the truth; now, of course, whenever possible, you should strive to initially speak with gentleness, respect, courtesy, and cordiality, and this should be an obvious given, but if push-comes-to-shove, and if there is no other way to speak the truth than with verbal violence and vitriol, then it is indeed better to be seen speaking the truth in the vilest of fashions than to be seen as an individual who sounds sweet, but who ultimately spews out nothing more than agreeable and face-saving falsehoods…so speak truth and all else, ultimately, be damned!


3 thoughts on “Rule of Thumb: Speak Truth, No Matter How

  1. Then you speak that…obviously. The good news is, however, that there is plenty of sound and powerful reasons to believe and very few, if any, cogent reasons for atheism.

    And the funniest part is that if atheism is true, we have no duty to believe or pursue truth, and so we can believe what we like…and so if atheism is true, there is no good reason to have to believe it.


  2. What are the cogent reasons for theism? (If necessary, just post links to places you think you’ve explained them — or to other people who have explained them.)

    Why do we have a duty to pursue truth under your interpretation of theism?


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