Does the Reasoning of Atheists Undermine Evolution?

One of the most used atheistic catch-phrases in modern times is that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, and while there is much wrong with this phrase there is also much much right with it when properly understood, and yet what is most often overlooked with this idea is that when it is turned on beliefs associated with and linked to the atheistic-naturalistic worldview, the fact is that its effect is utterly devastating to that worldview, for consider, for example, not only that the grand blind-watchmaker interpretation of evolution is something totally alien to our experience, and thus an extraordinary claim, and therefore needing extraordinary evidence, but things are actually astronomically worse than is for the evolutionary narrative, for it is actually the case that one could consider each major claim in the naturalistic evolutionary story as an individual extraordinary claim, and so each of the vast multitude of such claims requires extraordinary evidence, and it is actually needless to say that the grand naturalistic evolutionary story by no means has extraordinary evidence for many (if not most) of its claims (in fact, it does not even have any ordinary evidence for many of its claims…just think of abiogenesis, the Cambrian Explosion, sexual reproduction, consciousness, rationality, etc., etc., etc.); so, in an interesting twist of irony and reasoning, it is actually the very skeptical slogans championed by atheistic-naturalists which give us the grounds and justification to reject ideas integral to the atheistic-naturalist worldview, such as the grand blind watchmaker evolutionary narrative…and so, the next time an unbeliever balks at your rejection of the blind watchmaker version of evolution, and questions your rationality because of it, just reply that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and since no such extraordinary evidence has been provided (“just-so” stories and “we just need more time” pleas do not count) then one is entirely rational to reject the claim until such a time as the extraordinary evidence required to believe all the various myriad extraordinary claims is provided.


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