Thought on the Possible Illusion of Pain

As part of the so-called ‘Problem of Evil’, atheists and unbelievers routinely argue how the pain that exists in the world is clear evidence against the existence of a benevolent and loving God, but while I contemplated this issue, and inspired by my background in the martial arts, I must admit that I have wondered about the possibility that pain actually does not exist, that it is some kind of illusion, for I have both seen and experienced the fact that through physical and mental control, borne from philosophical and spiritual reflection, a person can literally take an event that would normally result in either physical and/or emotional pain and let the pain pass through them in a way that there literally is none of the expected pain from that event (and this is not just ignoring the pain, but literally being able to not experience the pain as pain), and if this is the case, then this raises the question of whether pain, or at least a great deal of pain, is simply dependent on our reaction to it, and being so dependent, can be removed to the point of non-existence; now this fact, even if true, does not remove the whole problem from the issue of suffering and pain, but if a great deal of pain is little more than a mind-dependent illusion which could be controlled, mitigated, and removed with the proper degree of knowledge and training, then this fact could, in my view, seriously reduce the force of the so-called problem of evil.



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