The $10 Word is Better than the $1 One

It is often stated that there is no need to use a ten dollar word when a one dollar word will do, but while this saying may have merit in certain situations–such as when clear, crisp, and curt comments and commands are needed–the fact is that if one has the time, as one most often does, then one should always consider using a ten dollar word when one can, for in doing so, one has a great chance to learn something new, and the opportunity to learn something new is always an excellent opportunity to exploit….such is the path to wisdom and knowledge.


3 thoughts on “The $10 Word is Better than the $1 One

    • And why is that? Does your interlocutor not have a dictionary? Is he pressed for time? Is he lazy? Unless there is some sound reason requiring simple communication, then not doing so is not only no vice, but it is an intellectual benefit.


      • Because language slips and changes. At best, words are understood in relation to the speaker’s and listener’s past experience with the word (and that differs). The more esoteric the word is, the more likely the word is to slip. (Dictionaries are nothing more than a snapshot of common usage.) So, if you use esoteric language you are more likely to be misunderstood.


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