How to Understand the Idea that God’s Existence is “Plain”

Once again, if we are to speak intelligently about the Suppression Thesis, then one of the things that we need to be clear about is what it means to say that God’s existence is “plain” (Romans 1) and thus, in a way, obvious, for this is what the Suppression Thesis contends when it argues that God’s existence is apparent to mankind and yet suppressed by many men, and so, in my view, the best way to understand this idea is in legal terms, which means that we should understand that God’s existence is, essentially, beyond a reasonable doubt, which does not, of course, mean that it is beyond any doubt, or that skepticism cannot be applied to the issue of God’s existence, but rather that none of this skepticism would be reasonable to a reasonable person (and ‘reasonable person’ is also meant in the legal sense) or that the people who apply this skepticism to the question of God’s existence would apply it consistently to any other question in daily and common-sense life, and so the Suppression Thesis would contend that the only way that God’s existence can be denied is through the use of inconsistent and unreasonable tactics; and lest anyone think that such an idea is out-of-sorts or unsound, I note that I have personal experience with the suppression of beliefs which are beyond a reasonable doubt, and indeed, I can think of one specific incident in which a mother simply refused to believe that her adult son was guilty of a specific crime even though there were multiple independent witnesses to the event, the time-frame and circumstances matched, and the adult son himself admitted to the crime, and yet even with all this, the mother would not believe it even though any reasonable person would see that her son was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and yet she simply suppressed that truth because she did not wish to believe it, just as the Suppression Thesis contends is the case with the truth of God’s existence…and note that such examples as the one I provided have been repeated by countless people, so it is not as if versions of the Suppression Thesis, in other areas of daily life, are not played out every single day, thereby giving some credence to the claim that just such a thesis is at work concerning the God question as well.


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