It’s Time for Canadians to Shut the &%^$ Up!

Recently, in an interview on 60 Minutes, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in an attempt to further distance himself from such individuals as Donald Trump, claimed that “…being open and respectful towards each other is a much more powerful way to diffuse hatred and anger than … big walls and oppressive policies”, and while Trudeau may be the most visible Canadian on the scene to utter such sentiments at present, it does not take a great deal of searching to find many left-leaning Canadians, whether in person or in, say, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Comment Boxes, not only expressing similar sentiments as Trudeau, but expressing 1) deep condescension and dislike of many Americans and nationalist Europeans for wanting border walls and for opposing an unfettered flood of people crossing into their nation, and also expressing 2) patented Canadian liberal indignation against “those crazy hyper-extremist right-wingers (either European or America) who are (apparently) worse than Hitler”, and finally expressing 3) that self-righteous superiority that many Canadians feel in comparison to those “backwards and backwater red-neck nationalist gun-toting, Bible thumping creationist America low-information voters”–although Canadians did recently elect a Prime Minister who greatest accomplish was being born with the last name ‘Trudeau’, so maybe Canadians should watch who they call a “low information” voter–and yet for all their vaunted Canadian progressivism and high-minded liberal ideals, what so many liberal Canadians naturally fail to realize given their utter lack of self-reflection, is that the only reason they can maintain these high-minded leftist ideals against “building walls” and against the alleged “xenophobia” of their European and American nationalist neighbours, and the only reason that they can chant their “kumbaya” slogans without too much fear or worry, is because unlike the rest of the world, Canada is the only &%^*%^# country protected on all sides by the greatest “walls” the world has ever seen, for in the East they have the great moat wall called the ‘Atlantic Ocean’, and in the West the Pacific, and in the North the impassable ice wall of the Arctic, and in the South, well, in the South, Canada is protected by the world’s greatest and most benign superpower, a superpower (or super-wall, if you will) which, if it was filled with anyone other than Americans, would have arguably turned Canada into its own personal Tibet fifty years ago; and so, in light of all this, perhaps instead of virtue-signalling to their fellow leftists in internet forums and chat blogs, or on national television, those Canadians of a left-leaning persuasion should drop to their knees and thank the God that so many of them no longer believe in, that they won the ‘nation-state’ lottery and that they don’t have to talk about walls, and defense, and mass immigration, and all these other hard, unpleasant, but necessary topics because God already gave them all the natural walls that they need…or, at the very least, if left-leaning Canadians cannot give thanks for what they have and realize that their constant clinging to liberal unrealities is only sustainable because they happen to live in a place that naturally and fortuitously (hello, United States military!) shields them from the hard realities presently happening all over the globe, then, at the very least, perhaps Canadians can just shut-up and keep their sanctimonious progressive sermons to themselves.

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