Addition to What to Expect if the Suppression Thesis were True

Note:  Lack of posts due to the fact that my house flooded last night, but more posts to come today.

As I was reading Randal Rauser’s book on the Suppression Thesis (his book is titled “Is the Atheist My Neighbour?”), I reached the point in the book that involves his interview with atheist Jeff Lowder (of the Secular Outpost).  Jeff mentions that one problem in arguing for the Suppression Thesis in a statistical way is that people who argue for it usually do not take into account the testimony of atheists who wish theism were true, given that such testimony seems to be contrary to the Suppression Thesis.  But this claim, in light of my last post, made me realize that Jeff provides us with yet another means to test the Suppression Thesis.  Namely, if the Suppression Thesis were true, then we would expect that any atheists who claimed that they wished that theism were true would actually show behavioral signs of deception when they claimed this (essentially, they would claim it to seem open to the evidence but they would not mean it) and/or while such atheists might genuinely wish some vague theism to be true, they would nevertheless not want Christian theism to be true.  So this is arguably yet another way to test the Suppression Thesis:  see if those atheists who claim to want atheism to be true actually mean it.

Anyway, as I said, more to follow…I will likely even review Randal’s book in the future.



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