Evidence for the Romans 1 Suppression Thesis

It is an interesting thing to note–and, in my experience, I have noted it many, many times–how numerous atheists and unbelievers routinely employ hypocritical double-standards and selective hyper-skepticism when arguing against God and for their own positions, such as when, for instance, 1) unbelievers decry believing anything on blind faith and yet believe that, for example, rational subjective consciousness came from unconscious, non-rational, non-subjective chucks of bouncing around matter even though there is absolutely no evidence for this and it is simply accepted, on blind faith, as having somehow occurred, or when 2) unbelievers mock the fact that religious believers accept testimony for historical claims that are a few thousand / hundred years old, yet those same unbelievers often uncritically accept the testimony of scientists concerning their inferences about things that happened millions upon millions of years ago, or when 3) unbelievers demand extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims from religious believers even though for the extraordinary claims of abiogenesis and macroevolution, the evidence is paltry, at best, and yet it is still, for some reason, accepted as sufficient for belief; now, in light of the aforementioned points, I note that the ‘Suppression Thesis’, an idea born out of Romans 1, is the claim that unbelievers know that God exists and yet suppress this truth for moral rather than rational reasons, and in contemplating this idea, and in remembering that some fact or observation counts as evidence for one hypothesis (H1) over another (H2) if that fact or observation is more likely / more expected on the first hypothesis (H1) rather than the second (H2), I would like to argue that I believe that one piece of evidence for the Suppression Thesis is the fact that, as stated earlier, many atheists and other non-believers routinely use those hypocritical double-standards and selective hyper-skepticism to argue for their own position and against theism, which is, I contend, precisely what would be expected if the Suppression Thesis were true (for it would be expected that unbelievers wold use any means necessary to suppress the truth in such a case) but not what would be expected if the Suppression Thesis was not true, and thus the fact that atheists do this does indeed serve, I argue, as some evidence towards the truth of the Suppression Thesis.  


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