An Easy Way to Refute the ‘No Evidence’ Meme

As stated earlier, there is a modern atheistic meme that there is “no evidence” for God and/or for Christianity, and yet an asininely simple way to refute such a nonsense idea is to simply point to the fact that it is utterly unreasonable and, in fact, idiotic, to believe that all the Christians and/or theists in existence, many of them some of the smartest people to have ever lived, and some of them converts from other worldviews, simply believed in Christianity and/or theism on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever, and so the very fact that Christianity and/or theism has been believed by intellectual luminaries, academic giants, and reluctant converts, and is still believed by such individuals, is “evidence” against the idea that there is no evidence for Christianity and/or theism; and lest the atheist truly wishes to claim that every Christian and every theist who has ever lived and believed simply believed what they believed on the basis of blind faith rather than on evidence / argumentation, I suggest that such an atheist not only think about how utterly ridiculous such a thesis sounds, but also that the atheist bears a massive burden of proof for such a bold claim, and thus we have no reason to actually believe the claim until and unless it is amply demonstrated.


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