The Beauty and Kindness of Original Sin

Unbelievers and other anti-Christians often rail against the idea of Original Sin (that we are born with the sin of Adam, and that this sin unavoidably taints our minds towards sin in this world, but not uncontrollably or completely so), and such people claim that Original Sin is an idea and a theological concept which is demeaning and disgusting, but though holding to the concept of Original Sin is neither necessary for salvation nor absolutely fundamental to Christian belief, it should nevertheless be pointed out that the anti-Christian attacks against the idea of Original Sin are completely misguided and foolish, for, ultimately, Original Sin is a beautiful and kind thing that we should be thankful and grateful for, for it shows the mercy of God; now though the unbeliever will claim that saying the latter is sheer folly, in his dislike of this Christian doctrine, he does not see the bigger picture and thus misses the mercy of Original Sin, for just as in a human court, if someone is born with a condition that uncontrollably predisposes them towards some negative trait, that innate condition actually serves as a factor which mitigates both their personal responsibility for the crime in question and serves as a factor which is used to reduce their punishment for the crime as well, for we all understand that a man who is not fully responsible for his actions cannot be held wholly responsible for those same actions, and so it is with Original Sin, for given that this affliction uncontrollably predisposes us towards sin, it actually serves, in the eyes of God, as a mitigating factor towards the sins which we do commit, which is exactly why God, in His mercy and love, allowed Original Sin to be transmuted to us rather than having to have us take the full weight of sin onto our shoulders when we stand before Him in judgement (and make no mistake, we would all fall like Adam, so receiving Original Sin ahead of time is a mitigating mercy for us to embrace, not a curse to be spat at)…and for the individual who then objects as to why mankind needed to fall from grace in the first place, I briefly respond that God, in this life, wants and needs us to choose between Him and His desires or us and our total freedom, and the only way that we can justly choose, in a free sense and actually informed sense, between God and total freedom, is to experience total freedom, which means to know sin, and so God has to allow us to sin in order for us to be able to make a genuinely free and informed choice about whether to be with Him or to go our own way, and so we would have to sin anyway, which thereby returns us to the fact that if we had to sin anyway in this life in order to be able to fulfil the purpose of this life, then at least God, in His mercy, mitigates our responsibility for this sin by giving us Original Sin.


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