A Reconciliation of Resurrection and Reincarnation?

Although I am simply thinking out loud with this thought, and though my thought may actually be deemed theologically heretical in orthodox Christianity, I have always been interested in the idea of both ‘reincarnation’ and ‘resurrection’ and as to whether a reconciliation between these two concepts can ever be made, and thus I wonder if it would at all be possible–and of course it would be “possible” in a logical sense, but here I mean possible in a theological sense–that the way to reconcile the idea of reincarnation and resurrection in a Christian context would be to claim that God allows the continual reincarnation of people on this Earth (as people, not animals) until they are reincarnated in a time and place where they are fully and properly exposed to the Gospel, and then, and only then, after freely and with full knowledge choosing to either embrace or reject the Gospel message that they have been exposed to, does God allow such people to finally and fully die in the earthly sense; in this way, not only could the ideas of reincarnation and resurrection by reconciled and both be true–essentially, that you are reincarnated until you are properly exposed to the true religion (first Judaism, then Christianity), then judgement and resurrection–but it would also serve as one possible explanation as to why the Christian faith is to be spread to all corners of the world as well as serving as an answer to the objection that it is unjust for God to judge those who have not heard the Gospel (although this objection is also easily answered by other means)…and so there are a number of reasons to contemplate this idea, and yet, as stated, I am not necessarily endorsing this view, but just expressing some musings about the matter.


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