Thought on the Reason for Jesus’ Incarnation Among the Jews

It is a thing of interest to wonder how and why Jesus would have chosen to be incarnated amongst the Jews given that, as God, He could have chosen to incarnate amongst any cultural group (and could have chosen that cultural group as “His” since before time began), and yet part of this mystery begins to die when it is realized that perhaps one of the reasons that this was so was that given that the Jews were so fervently monotheistic and against the idea of an incarnation, that this would then lead to the case that it would be much less likely that any devout and true Jew would come to follow Jesus unless the evidence that He provided for His claims were of such strength that they would make even a devout Jew turn and embrace an idea which every fiber of his being was against, and so perhaps the very reason that Jesus incarnated amongst such a cultural group was that that fact would be most difficult to believe amongst such a group, and so if it was believed, then its belief amongst such men would itself be a rather telling thing; now this is not to say that this fact, in and of itself, is sufficient to fully account for the reason for why Jesus would have incarnated amongst the Jewish people, nor does this mean that this fact should be sufficient to make us believe in the Christian message of Jesus’ incarnation, but it is nevertheless truly is a telling thing, and one which we should not dismiss lightly, that many men with great and strong and genuine inclinations to believe otherwise, nevertheless came to believe something that by all rights they should never have come to believe…and perhaps they did so precisely because the evidence that they saw for its truth was simply too potent to deny.


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