Thought on Leftism’s Appeal being Easy Virtue

One of the things which has always struck me about modern liberal leftism is that, as opposed to the relatively harder morality wed to traditionalism, it seems to me that a great deal of the appeal of embracing a leftist / liberal political persuasion comes from the incredibly easy and external “virtue” and “morality” that such a vision provides to people, and thus people are drawn towards this point-of-view precisely because it is an easy and relatively cost-free way of achieving a great and vast feeling of moral righteousness and superiority; after all, consider, for example, that it is asininely easy to recycle and drive a Prius (liberalism), yet it is hard to stay chaste till marriage and faithful afterwards (traditionalism), and it is also easy to vote once every few years for a re-distributive socialist to have the government take money from everyone to “help” the poor (liberalism), but it is hard to actually donate 10% of your own wages or time directly every month to help the homeless bastard down the street (traditionalism), and it is no doubt also easy to be for “woman’s reproductive health” (liberalism), but it is actually hard to accept the consequences of your decisions and spend decades dealing them (traditionalism), and finally consider that it is easy to embrace an ethic of ‘everything’s OK so long as no one else is harmed’ (liberalism), but it is hard to embrace a morality that forces you to, say, personally oppose and strive against the seven deadly sins…and so, with just these few examples in mind, I think that you can see my point, and thus I truly believe that one reason for the modern appeal of liberal leftism is that what it deems to be virtuous is both easy and external, for it requires little pain, patience, or sacrifice, and that is why it is indeed so readily embraced today.



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