Love is Not a Feeling but a Will

One of the greatest problems for the understanding of Christianity today is that today’s culture has an utterly desiccated and wrong-headed view of what love is, for most men today consider love to be a feeling or an emotion, and yet that is precisely what love is not, for love is not a feeling but a will to do what is best for another despite what one feels, and that is why love in the Christian sense is so hard to not only understand today but to do today, for people today are all to often swept to and fro by their feeling and emotions, thereby thinking that it is their love that bends and shifts when it is not but their emotions; indeed, if only people today had a proper grasp of what true love is, that true love is to do what is best for others regardless of our feelings about those people–just as God loves us eternally and does not have feelings to sway Him–then much of what ails our culture would be remedied.


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