Thought on the Fact that the Problem is Not Extremism

In today’s day and age, you often hear the cultural meme that the problem with all religions and all ideologies is their “extremism” and “extremist elements”, but this idea is, in fact, absolute bullshit, for the fact is that there is a world of difference between, say, an extreme pacifist and an extreme jihadi, for while we have little or nothing to fear from the former we have a great deal to fear from the latter, and since such examples can be multiplied many times over with many different ideologies and worldviews (for example, an extreme monk who becomes a spiritual hermit (harmless) vs. an extreme Marxist who leads a bloody revolution (deadly)), we can thus come to realize that it is not the “extremism” that is the problem in and of itself, but rather which ideology one is being extreme in, and so this very truth puts a lie to the claim that we need to be worried about “all” religious or ideological extremists, for what is the worry is the ideology or religion they are being extreme in, not the fact that they are extremists.


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