Thought on How to Judge a Religion

One of the greatest mistakes that modern people make is to believe that a religion should be understood and judged through the actions of its followers, but this, in my view, is completely mistaken and the very opposite of what should be done, for a religion should be judged by its sacred texts, the teachings and example of its founder, as well as the teachings of its main representatives, but not by the people who may or may not practice it with any degree of fidelity, or know it with any degree of depth, or even care about it to any great extent, and so, in light of this, if one wishes to claim that a religion has some trait or not, you do not look at its modern followers (for, as implied, those followers could claim to be from the religion but might actually be heretics by any reasonable interpretation of what the religion entails), but rather, you look at the religion’s foundational texts, foundational example, and present representative (if there is one), and that will give you the understanding of what that religion actually entails; and this is why, for example, we can categorically and correctly say that Islam (to just use one example) is not a religion of peace even if ever modern Muslim in existence was utterly peaceful, for the fact is that the Koran and the example of Mohammad both contain elements which negate any reasonable way to see Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ (it could be a true religion, but it can never reasonably be considered a peaceful religion), and so this, once again, shows us where to look to properly understand what a particular religion is.


One thought on “Thought on How to Judge a Religion

  1. I agree. Religion should be judged by its content.
    Stone unruly children, don’t eat shellfish, don’t mix fabrics, take slaves from the foreigners around you and make rapists marry their victims.
    It’s not just the content, either. Sometimes the lack of content is equally as important. What would you say about a religion that is silent on the issue of child abuse?


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