Thought on the Danger of Cheap Atheist Quips

The late atheist Victor Stenger once famously said that “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”, and though we can overlook the rather obvious lack of distinction about which religions happen to fly things into buildings, it is also the case that the atheist should be very careful when he make such quips, for they can easily be turned around on the atheist, and we can see how this is the case when we consider that it would be just as easy to say “Religion gives us saints, but science gives us sarin gas“, or “Religion gives us martyrs, but science gives us machine guns“, or “Religion gives us wisdom, but science gives us WMDs“; now the point here is not to say that these things are actually true in a literal sense, but rather that the atheist may wish to be a bit more discerning with his sayings, for there are just as many witty sayings that could be made against atheism as there are that could be made against religion, and the ones that are against the atheist’s favored things are arguably the more damning.




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