Thought on the Pathetic-ness of Atheists Lying for Nothing

It is without a shadow of a doubt that Christian apologists sometimes consciously twist arguments for the Christian faith, omit relevant facts that are not friendly to their position (such as, at times, avoiding certain Biblical verses that do not make the Old Testament look pleasant), exaggerate the strength of certain Christian-favorable evidences, and so on, and while this, to me, is rather deplorable and unnecessary conduct–for the Christian has nothing to fear from the truth, for Christianity is Truth–it is nevertheless the case that when Christians do this, certain atheists, rightly but pejoratively, yell out that these Christians are “Lying for Jesus”, and while, as stated, such Christian deception (if conscious) is immoral and wrong, at the very least, there is a certain understanding to it, for the Christian thinks that by convincing someone else of Christianity, the Christian is ensuring that that person is receiving the incomparable gift of eternal life, and so, even though the Christian’s behaviour in such a case is immoral, there is a certain kindness and understanding to his motivation that we can understand; and yet, on the other hand, some atheists, just like Christians, also often consciously omit facts, twist arguments, exaggerate claims and so on when they argue for atheism, and yet when they do so, it seems that they are literally “Lying for Nothing”, which is not only as pathetic as the Christian, but it is even less understandable and noble from a motivational perspective, and thus while Christians should be condemned when they lie in their apologetics, the atheist should almost be doubly condemned when he does the same given that he lies for nothing and for no good reason…and note that if the atheist claims that his motivation is to help remove a person’s delusion or improve their lives, then note that if atheism is true, it literally does not matter if a person is deluded or not (for on atheism we have no duty to believe or follow that which is truth), and numerous studies show that being religious makes people happier, healthier, and more evolutionarily successful (more kids, and thus more genes), thereby meaning that, if anything, atheism should not be promoted even if atheism is true, and so the atheists motivation in this case does not seem to make sense!


10 thoughts on “Thought on the Pathetic-ness of Atheists Lying for Nothing

    • Good Day James,

      Funny thing is, I now blog and write precisely because I not only no longer care about the haters and the scoffers but I just write for God specifically…and whether anyone reads my writing or likes it or is convinced by it is irrelevant to me, and as funny as it sounds, that makes my writing more honest and forthright than it would be otherwise.

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      • I like your attitude.

        I only mentioned haters because I noticed this post was pinged by a particularly difficult and mean spirited scoffer who has no love for Christians or Christ.

        I’m half tempted to click on over to his blog just to see what he wrote but I swore off poisoning my mind with garbage so…

        As the Bible says, “You will be hated because of my name” so, if people hate your message, you are doing the right thing.

        God bless brother, keep up the good work.



  1. There are so many worst parts of this rather disgusting post that it is difficult to separate them.
    You admit that,Christians are blatant liars and identify at least the fact that they are ”lying for Jesus” – as if Jesus would condone such action.

    In almost the same breath you accuse atheists – and by this you must surely realise this will include not only all non- Christians but also fellow Christians who do not believe in the sect or denomination and specific doctrine that you believe.

    This is highly offensive and evidence of even more lies as you do not even bother to list a single falsehood uttered by atheists (see above definition)

    But at least you have, in a sense, ”come clean” and, notwithstanding James’ ( Isaiah project) fatuous remark admitted that Christians are little more than indoctrinated liars who believe the means justifies the end, and someone like this I wouldn’t trust to babysit my dog.


    • Paul, in Romans 3:7
      New Living Translation

      ‘But,’ someone might still argue, ‘how can God condemn me as a sinner if my dishonesty highlights his truthfulness and brings him more glory?’

      Paul, in 2 Corinthians 12:16
      American Standard Version (ASV)

      But be it so, I did not myself burden you; but, being crafty, I caught you with guile.


  2. …at the very least, there is a certain understanding to it, for the Christian thinks that by convincing someone else of Christianity, the Christian is ensuring that that person is receiving the incomparable gift of eternal life….

    — under false pretenses.

    (for on atheism we have no duty to believe or follow that which is truth)

    No duty? Granted, but with a genetic insatiable desire to see what is over the next hell, around the next curve in the trail – we tend to seek it instinctively. It has conquered polio, taken us to the moon, traced our origins to the Great Rift Valley in Africa, discovered the building blocks of all matter, and allowed us to explore the cosmos. For which of those can theism lay claim?


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