Thought on the Meaning of Merited Suffrage

When speaking about democracy, some may believe it to be an unfair and unequal regression to return to a state where the vote is not available to all members of a society simply at their whim, but leaving aside the asinine idea of equality itself–for equality does not exist in this world in any real sense–the fact is that there is nothing unfair or unequal about making voting a merited affair, for consider that everyone in most democratic societies is provided with free schooling up until the grade of 12 (or equivalent), and everyone in modern democracies has at least a few minutes each day to watch the news, and everyone today can easily access information on the internet, and so, in light of this, there would be nothing “unfair” about requiring all potential voters to write and pass a grade-12 level examination of some type on current affairs, both global and domestic, as well as on various party policies, before being allowed to vote in any election; indeed, this would not need to be grand affair, but even this simple measure would be sufficient to weed out the fools and knaves and uninformed incompetents from the voting process, and yet it would do so in a way that is not discriminatory, for everyone would have an equal potential opportunity to vote, but only those that merited the vote would receive it, just as everyone has the potential opportunity to drive a car, but only those who pass the requisite test are permitted to do so…and so, this would be at least one way to improve our present, and rather questionable, democratic practices.


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