Thought on Atheist Apologetics and Their Implicit Argument to Stop Science

One of the most interesting and unnoticed things in the field of atheist arguments against religion is that when arguing against religion, there is an implicit argument in the atheist’s reasoning that can be used to undermine the study of what so many atheists consider most precious, namely “Science(TM)”, and to understand why, consider this:  atheists routinely rail against religious belief and argue, at least in part, that religious belief should be eradicated because religious beliefs are used as a type of tool that supports and spreads and exasperates war, violence, bigotry, and immorality in the world at large, and yet, by such reasoning, should not atheists also argue that science, or at least certain scientific enterprises, should be eradicated as well, for note that science has also been a tool that has supported and spread and exasperated war and violence and bigotry (racial theories, for example)–in fact, science has made war much worse than religion ever did (consider the “gift” of weapons of mass destruction, for example, something which only science could give us)–and so, by the atheist’s own reasoning, if certain societal ideas and tools should be avoided, or restricted, or removed simply because they can be used to assist in war and bloodshed, then it seems that a good atheistic case can be made to reduce scientific inquiry just as much as we should reduce religious belief; in fact, it is arguably more important to stop science than religion, for while religion may–and I stress may–be used to motivate people to violence, science can exponentially increase the ability to cause violence and death, and thus if the atheist really wishes to reduce violence and bloodshed between men, he would arguably be better served arguing against science first and foremost than against religious belief (or at least against certain kinds of scientific enterprises), and yet, since the atheist does not do so, then perhaps we can see that his real aim is just to undermine religious belief in anyway possible and support atheistic supremacy rather than to really seek societal improvement….it is, at the very least, an interesting point to think about.


10 thoughts on “Thought on Atheist Apologetics and Their Implicit Argument to Stop Science

  1. Atheists who argue for the eradication of religion are tyrants. They don’t believe in freedom of expression or freedom of religion. I’ve not encountered many. But, hey, if you’ve encountered enough to make it worth blogging on, that’s your prerogative.

    I am impressed that you didn’t take the angle I initially expected when I read the title. Because in your other posts you seem to believe that atheism is ‘believing God doesn’t exist’ (which it isn’t… which you know — I have a longer post coming up about your thesis, soon), I thought you were going to argue that atheists’ certainty shows a desire to end science and curiosity.


  2. Atheists dont believe in gods . plural. Why do Christians always seem to get this wrong?
    Their god is nothing special, but just as made-up as all the others and the evidence quite clearly demonstrates this to be true.


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