Thought on the Ridiculousness of Unmerited Universal Suffrage

In most democracies today, we have a situation that is, arguably, ridiculous, for we exist in societies where we have absolutely unmerited universal suffrage (the unrestricted right to vote) and thus we have a situation where it is literally harder to get a driver’s licence than it is to be able to vote, and the fact that this is the case is a testament either to the emptiness and insignificance of an individual vote (which is a point that I have argued before) or else it is a demonstration of the absurdity of our electoral systems, for it is indeed absurd that every person, without at least some merit that goes beyond their mere existence, should be allowed to vote; indeed, the solution to this problem is itself quite simple–albeit not easy to implement–for the solution is to maintain the right of opportunity for everyone to vote, but the actual vote only goes to those who have shown, through a test or otherwise, that they merit the vote…only in this way can the so-called democratic process be brought in line with something which makes more rational sense than a mere free-for-all vote.


One thought on “Thought on the Ridiculousness of Unmerited Universal Suffrage

  1. That depends on what the value for voting should be. And as you yourself point out, this idea runs the risk of it being misused.
    Unfortunately your proposal is too vague. By that I mean that you fail to mention any standard that you would use for this test.
    Anyone part of society should have the right to vote, at least that is the value I uphold. What is the value you atribute for voting?
    Indeed in many parts of Europe the vote was given to only a minority of the population. Do you suggest we regress to this? And is this ‘democratic’ in your eyes?
    Inresting idea nonetheless.


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