Thought on a Sign of Moral Confusion

It is always interesting to wonder, and beneficial to know, what signs we should expect to see in both a person and a society which is in a state of moral confusion and degeneracy, for such signs can serve as a warning to us as to the state of the person in question, and, in light of this, I contend that one of the seemingly benign signs of such moral confusion and error is one which we see all too often in today’s modern culture:  namely, 1) when we see people begin to treat animals better than other human beings, and 2) when we begin to see human beings not just have an affection for animals but where the animals themselves actually guide their human “masters”, and 3) when the animal’s needs are given main priority in a household, then we have a great and sweeping moral confusion in the mind of the person or the social psyche that is under the sway of this disordered animal “love”; now this is not to say that treating animals well, and even loving animals, is an unsound idea, but the fact is that men bear the image of God, which is something that animals, no matter how precious, do not, and so men are infinitely more valuable than any animal, and thus to ever care more for an animal than for a human person is to ignore the image of God in a way that it should not be ignored and also to twist one’s priorities in a way that is clearly backwards, and this is exactly why this animal “love” is indeed a sign of moral confusion…so be wary of this sign, and if you see it in yourself, then perhaps some reflection on this topic is urgently needed.


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