Thought on the Trinity, Its Being Less than Mysterious, and the Biblical Support of an Analogy to It

***Please Note:  I have been thinking about this topic lately given my reading of Dale Tuggy’s website “”.

In Christian theology, the Trinity–the idea that there is one God in three persons–is a very interesting, thought-provoking, and allegedly mysterious topic, but I sometimes wonder if we simply do not make the mystery of the Trinity to be more mysterious than it actually has to be, for if we look in nature, we can see, for example, in the case of Krista and Tatiana Hogan, an instance where two human persons are actually two distinct human persons, and yet they ultimately have one brain (given its interconnectivity), can actually see through each others eyes and share the same thoughts (like the Trinity), and, technically speaking, only have one physical body (for they can never be separated), and in such a case, it is possible to easily see and understand how a thing that is one in its ‘whatness’ (one body and one brain) can be two in its ‘personhood’, and while such an analogy for the Trinity is not perfect–for no analogy is–I suggest that the analogy is close enough that we can use it to seriously diminish the mystery that surrounds the Trinity itself, for here we have a living example of two people sharing one essence, and there is nothing overly mysterious about that; at the same time, I also wish to point out that the Bible itself, in its interesting distinction between ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ might provide us with the means to explain the Trinity, for God could be one soul with three spirits (or vis versa), just as Krista and Tatiana Hogan are one brain (and body) with two persons, and thus perhaps the Bible itself, through its division of soul and spirit, provides the means that we can understand how God can be one essence (soul) in three persons (spirit), and since the Bible further says that a human person is a mix of soul and spirit, and since the Bible says that men are made in the image of God, then this gives as yet further reason to think that God is a mix of soul and spirit (not to mention that Isaiah 42:1 seems to clearly indicate this as well)….this is, without doubt, something to think about.


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