Thought on the Value, or Lack Thereof, of Voting

One thing that is interesting to contemplate, especially in the times that we find ourselves in today, is the question of whether there is any true value or real significance to this thing that we do called ‘voting’, or this idea of ‘democracy’, for we must be honest and truly ask ourselves if–as is the case in most democratic states–the state itself simply oscillates between a left-leaning party (or coalition) and a right-leaning party (or coalition)–back and forth, back and forth–and if, at the same time, the culture, affected as it is by the news media, entertainment, and modern mis-education, is all left-leaning, as they are (at least in the social sense), and thus if the culture moves slowly in one political direction (in this case, left-ward) regardless of the political party in power, then it truly does make one wonder whether there is any point, in a philosophical sense, to this whole “democracy” idea; now, do not misunderstand me, for I am not necessarily discounting “democracy” as a potential state-running system (and a potentially good way to run a state as well), but I am pointing that that if a culture is slowly moving in one social and political direction all by itself, then is democracy necessary or even valuable given that other political systems could, at least in principle, secure as many freedoms as a democratic state and yet arguably be better managed and less fickle than a democratic state is…and so, in light of these concerns and these points, and as we see the weaknesses and break-down of ‘democratic ideals’ via uninformed voters, voter tampering, highly-financed political campaigns, biased media, etc. then questioning the value of democracy, as we understand it and practice it today, truly is not a meritless idea.


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