Thought on the Fact that Your Vote Does Not Count

As we reflect on our democratic processes, one thing we need to realize and accept is that in many democratic systems where a simple majority of votes guarantees a candidate’s victory, the fact is that the vote of an individual voter (essentially, you and me) is, in the truest sense, actually worthless and it shall never determine the outcome of any election, for the fact is that if any election under such a democratic system actually was so close as to make one vote significantly meaningful, that election would be immediately thrown into the courts for arbitration and assessment, and so it would not be your vote which decides the election, but rather it would be the decision of a black-robed man from the judicial order who would ultimately have the final say concerning who was the election’s victor; now again, this is not to say that a person should not vote nor that his vote is not, when taken en masse, in some way important, but it is to say that we should not be naïve enough to believe that our single vote would ever ultimately decide an election, and thus we should not fool ourselves about the alleged critically of our individual vote nor about the “sacredness” of voting, which is how too many people today approach the process.


2 thoughts on “Thought on the Fact that Your Vote Does Not Count

    • Invisible Mikey,

      But then it seems that something else decides the outcome of the election, which again supports the points that your individual vote does not count.

      But your point about the specifics of the matter is well-taken.

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