Thought on Why Jesus Could NOT Condemn Slavery

As has now been articulated in a number of previous ‘Thoughts’, we can begin to see that the idea of slavery, when looked at critically, is broad-ranging, and it can readily include what we in the West would call volunteer soldiers, and when we consider this fact, we note that no matter what an advanced civilized society does, whether it has a volunteer army (essentially, volunteering indentured servants) or a conscripted army (essentially, forced indentured servants), a society will always have these types of soldier-slaves in one form or another, and yet an advanced society needs a military (and police force) and cannot survive without one, and so it seems that any civilized society that wishes to survive must necessarily have slaves of one sort or another, and what this realization about the societal necessity of some type of slavery existing points us to is the fact that maybe the reason that Jesus did not condemn slavery in total, is because it would actually have been immoral for him to do so given that it would have been immoral for him to tell a society that it could not have an army to defend itself with (whether volunteer indentured servants or conscripted ones); instead, Jesus–and the New Testament scriptures–did precisely what they should have done:  they did not immorally condemn an institution that a society could ultimately never escape from, but rather they advised the citizens of a society to treat the slaves that it would always necessarily have to have in a way that respected those slaves and indentured servants as being made in the image of God (which is precisely how we, today, treat the modern soldier-slaves that defend our societies from harm), and so not only was Jesus not immoral for failing to condemn slavery completely, but he was actually acting morally by not doing so and by focusing on how slaves and indentured servants should be treated rather than on whether such slaves and servants should even exist.


One thought on “Thought on Why Jesus Could NOT Condemn Slavery

  1. Once one has read and studied the New Testament it becomes abundantly clear why Jesus of Nazareth did not condemn slavery simply because the character was a narrative construct.


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