Thought of the Two Schools of Weight-Lifting

For all the resistance exercise enthusiasts and avid weight-lifters out there–and if you aren’t pumping the iron at least three times a week, you really should be–remember that there are essentially two primary but opposite ways to train and focus when you lift:  the ‘Form-First’ method or the ‘Will-First’ methodology; the former is the way most people train, and that is where you place the most importance on the physical form of your lift and stop lifting once that form begins to falter and crack, but on the latter ‘Will-First’ method, your mental drive to get that bloody weight up no matter the cost takes precedence over all else, and so you push that weight up even if your form has to crack while doing so, and yet note that while the ‘Form-First’ method will help you achieve a bodybuilder-like body (good looking, but relatively soft and lacking in functionality), it is the ‘Will-First’ method that builds mental toughness, endurance through suffering, a drive to succeed at all costs, monster strength, and a physique that causes fear in the hearts of other men…and that is why, in my view, if you are going to lift, lift like a beast who will get that weight up no matter what (except injury), and thus, lift ‘Will-First’.


4 thoughts on “Thought of the Two Schools of Weight-Lifting

      • It’s alright.
        Completely on your side for the rest of it, though. Just get the weight up, again and again. You’re muscles don’t know if your pushing off a little through your toes, or if your butt leaving the bench a little…


      • Yup…I see too many people in the gym lifting to light and not pushing themselves. And then they wonder why they don’t see any results even after weeks of training.


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